Is ecofascism necessary to save the planet from inevitable destruction by the human race as a whole?

  • Not a yes for Fascism or Ecofacism, but a yes for drastic change.

    The biggest fact is, there is no Lorax here to speak for the trees. Drastic change does need to happen I read in a few of your statements that you all feel the same. What we are doing to our planet every day in multiple forms not just the one you feel most important. I'm not saying line people up and kill them in the name of mother earth or anything. I'll be damned if the people causing pain to her don't deserve more drastic punishment though. I'm sure many would agree with me when i say the human race is a relentless force with a false sense of superiority in our universe. Until we all can realize that I think why not send some daft bastards out to cram it down our throats for a while.

  • Ecofascism is a speed bump, and not a very big one.

    To suggest that the planet is under threat from the human race because of a certain type of rule or governing body assumes two things. The first is that the planet is going to die without us here. News to humans: The planet will be doing just fine once we are gone. The second is the belief that any sort of governing body could stop, or even attempt to effectively stop humans from destroying the planet. You may be able to get a few countries on board, but those countries would have no military, very little defensive infrastructure, and no way to get from point A to B nearly as fast or as effectively as smokers (being any fuel burning entities like in waterworld) Sailboats are fast. Speed boats are faster. Gliders can fly, but fighters can fly faster and carry lots of guns. Now try to think, how do we stop smokers from burning stuff when we have no way to enforce it? After all, the only thing that truly motivates man is reproduction and the fear of violent death.

  • Not The Answer

    I do not believe most Americans would even know or understand what the term ecofascism means. Generally, it deals with violent acts to help promote environmental actions. To me, this is not inevitable to stop the destruction of the planet and it could easily tip in the opposite direction and cause more destruction.

  • This is crazy

    No this form of government is not going to save the planet or the human race as a whole. There are many forms of government in place now and many of them work fine. What will end the human race is the amount of polutants that we put in the environment.

  • Common Sense Reforms Needed

    Eventually, conservative elements of world governments will realize that fighting global warming is an economic boom. Entire industries can make trillions of dollars on the fight against global warming. All firms have to do is diversify their holdings. Imagine how much money coal and oil companies can make by selling products that reduce carbon emissions if these billion-dollar companies simply devote a small percentage of their profits to research and development. Fighting global warming doesn't need ecofascism, the human race simply needs common sense from the top levels of government and commerce.

  • The planet is not in bad shape.

    No, ecofascism is not necessary to save the planet from destruction by the human race as a whole, because the human race is not doing enough to really hurt the environment. People just wish to impose their beliefs about how people should live. But there is nothing so urgent that people need to hurt other people to impose environmentalism.

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