Is economic health more important than the social programs of citizens?

  • Poor people suffer

    If nobody paids attention to these people, they will simply die out in streets. We call America as a land where dreams come true, and you guys are saying we should not give them opportunities to live like a 'human'? We should at least give them a chance to sleep in a warm house, and eat properly. If we don't, then are you suggesting that Americandream is a bunch of lies?

  • Economics comes first

    Economic health leads to social programs - not the other way around. People often imagine that, if large amounts of money is given to the poor, this will benefit the economy in the short and long term, something that's been demonstrably false in the recent past. People have to consider the economy before anything.

  • Economic Health Issues

    Economic health is more important than social programs because of the monies needed to get the latter programs in action. If the economic health of the country if viable and absent from a recession or inflation, then most likely there would be monies in place to fund the social programs.

  • Government Social Programs may seem like a great idea at first glance, but under its shiny surface are hiding many ugly and harmful issues

    Must have Economic Health to have good social programs in the first place! If you focus on Social Programs and discourage economic health you discourage innovation and capitalism. People will not want to work hard and provide for themselves when there are easier options. Rand Paul said “… the longer you have unemployment benefits, it provides some disincentive to work” The opposite of economic prosperity is recession or depression. With a healthy economy, many work opportunities will be available for the poor to get a job and prosper. With a healthy economy, upper-class people will be able to give more easily through the many programs and ministries that exist to help the people who are in need without the aid of the government. If we focus on economic health, we will be more able to help the poor than if we put everything into social programs and throw economic health out the window. Where does the money for government programs come from? The government cannot simply print large amounts of money for the poor without major consequences, so how does it fund its many social programs? The majority of the money comes from our own pockets. As taxpayers, we are essentially the ones providing the funds for these government programs, so we should be personally concerned with the purpose of these programs and what they are accomplishing to make sure that our money does not go to waste! "Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty, or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives...”
    With the government forking over so much money to the unemployed, they are keeping them comfortable for the time being, but doing harm long-term. Rand Paul said: "When you allow people to be on unemployment insurance for weeks, you're causing them to become part of this perpetual unemployed group in our economy. And really - while it seems good, it actually does a disservice to the people you're trying to help." This system was designed to help those who were truly in need get back on their feet and start over, but it has evolved into a crutch for too many people who take advantage of it and do not use it in the way in which it was intended. There should be tighter restrictions on the people who are allowed take part in social programs. In other words we want to make sure the people really need the help and aren’t taking advantage of our hard-earned dollars so that they can live comfortably and be lazy. We need to push them to get jobs and earn their own money. When such people are in an economically prosperous environment, they will able to start on their own without the aid of the government and earn a living.

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