• It's here to stay.

    I like all types of music, but to me, EDM is amazing. I believe it won't disappear ever. It's a way of making music, not a style, so as long as computers still exist, people will be creating. It keeps changing, some styles stay, such as house, but it changes and evolves. It is starting to become more common that people who don't even know EDM will have a favourite track that is made by a EDM producer. Songs by Avicii, Calvin Harris and Alesso are well known by many people. As they are becoming more popular, EDM is becoming more well known. I believe it is here to stay.

  • Music is the religion, the world will be happier when we party together.

    Electronic Dance Music is a combine of music and the improvement of technology.And personally I think this improvement of technology helps people create different styles of music and mixed a lot of original musics to a new version. Which make not just the teenagers accept it, but also all ages accept it. With the help of mixers we take music to another level, not just people who plays instruments, also with vocals and basically anything you can hear and record, you can mixed it together, so DJs will be more and more creative.

  • No, It Isn't

    This makes no sense. These days, a lot of music has EDM elements to it, so it wouldn't make sense that EDM is dying. You know, if anything, EDM is becoming more and more popular.

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  • It better not.

    In my city, anyway, raves are selling out more and more, faster and faster. More people are getting into this kind of music and sharing it with others. Raves are also amazing places to be to meet new people and have the time of your life, and the music helps make all that even better. Different artists are also coming out and people who like EDM almost never stop liking it.

  • It is an extremely popular genre of music, and it will not die for a very long time, if it does at all.

    EDM, like all other categories of music, will not die, it, if anything, will continue on a few decades. You can compare this with music from the past, such as the 80s/70s music, it is still widely listened to (key examples - Journey/Guns n' Roses, etc), and if EDM is anything like this it will not fail. Especially in the raves that play revolve around EDM.

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