• Contributes Harmony and World peace.

    Educating a girl is not at all waste of money because, if a women is educated the whole family gets educated. A better family moulds into a better society. A better society makes a better country to live giving rise to world peace. What else can we expect better than World PEACE.

  • Yes and No!! Depends what you mean by ''Education''

    Girls should be taught a standard of Maths and English during 7th-11th grade. This is good because they can educate their children during motherhood, plus...Not be illiterate.

    As for women starting careers. I wouldn't recommend to most, but I do believe they are all free to start one, just like anyone else.

  • Girls shouldbe educated

    Girls has to be educated because they have to make their future bright for their family and also with their country for example if only papa is educated he went to other state so child is in the school he came to her home so he is alone/and/not/getting/so/what/he/will learn thatsy

  • No brø its not waste of money on girl education

    Bcoz... Todays girls r changing wid da time nd the girls have leave behind many people.... Back as they have also the equal freedom for education as boys have.. . So hats offf to the girls like sunita williams, cahandana kochar, etc, etc, nd etc... So dont ever think dat girls education izzz a waste of time...

  • Educating woman mean educating the following generation.

    We all know that woman are the ones who will lead to the education of their children even if they are a housewife after marriage. SWAMI
    VIVEKANANDA SAID,"WITH FIVE HUNDRED MEN,.....THE CONQUEST OF INDIA MIGHT TAKE FIFTY YEARS:WITH AS MANY WOMEN NOT MORE THAN A FEW WEEKS." Investment on women is investment for the nation's development. First girl's will educate one house and after marriage the next house. Girls being intellectually strong understand better and are able to succeed in their future life. They handle responsibilities with the utmost care.

  • Educating a girl child is a waste of money.

    It's a waste of money to educate a girl child because they are not going to need that kind of education in their future. Women should grow up to be wives and mothers. They should stay home to take care of a family. They need to learn things from their mother and female relatives.

  • Education for anyone isn't a waste.

    I don't think that education for a girl child is waste of money, in this case i think it is a investment toward their future. I think girls as well as boys need education to make a better person. Plus girl make better students in General. I wouldn't want my daughter to depend on someone else, so I rather give her education in early days.

  • Educatin a girl can never be waste of money

    Without girls education there will be no way they can make good food.Some girls turend out to be important people. If girls do not get proper education population of people will not be as much as it is today.Most girls turn out to be doctors without them do you think we will be alive.

  • Educated girls rock !!!!

    Educating a girl isn't a waste of money! I think that girls are better than boys ; they are soft , understanding, loyal, and wise. Educated girls go farther in life than boys .Just consider this ----we all know who mahatma Gandhi was - a great freedom fighter and the father of our nation - but how many of us know the names of his sons or even how many sons he had . Hardly anyone .
    BUT if you ask anyone the name of jawaharlal nehru's daughter, anyone will be able to answer that right away ! So hats off to the educated girls(or women) - kalpana chawla , Sunita Williams , Chanda kochar etc. etc. etc.

  • No, it's NOT just "kitchen, kids, church" for girls

    The medieval opinion that a woman's responsibilities should be limited to "kitchen, kids, and church" is plain wrong. While raising children and taking care of a family is important, if a young woman chooses to go to college and have a career, she should be able to do that, too. Even if she gets education and then ends up staying home as a mom, that education will not be wasted as it will benefit her children.

  • Female education turn girls into women

    Many men believe that education is a waste of money and girls should only be good wives and mothers. Education turn girls into women who became good wives after the age of 18 and good mothers after the age of 20. Child marriage deprives female education leading to terrible problems

  • Educating girls necessary

    Educating girls is important because only if the girl child is educated the nature is also free from all other problems.
    People think educating a boy is better than educating a girl becaue a boy can earn more. Bit if a girl is also well educated she can also earn.

  • Not a waste of money/time/opportunity!

    It's the era which we are dealing with technology !So by making a mindset that women are just housewife is wrong concept .There are many fields in which women can perform much better then men. Higher education for girls is necessary for the way to development/ way to strengthen. Thank you!

  • Education must be provided to all humans

    Humans get changed boy or girl depends only on a single chromosome. I will never say that if you educate a boy you only educated him but when we educate a girl we educate a generation. At one you educate he will be benefited and the growth of countries economy.
    If you have a girl or boy please educate them for their future. Both husband and wife must be educated for a Google run of family.

  • Learn to lead a bad life

    As the women gets educated they wanted to live a fashionable life so to fullfil their wish the are began to go in a wrong path. So its better to girl to uneducated for example:the girls are going to pub as men and they also started to drink alcohol in bub as style.Slowly they become addict to it they used to continue when they are pregnent so this really affects the baby which is preast in the mother's wob

  • Girls Education is super important!!

    A girls is just as equal as any male child, whether 11 or 9. Education is the root of live; you learn all you need to in school. Some schools have cooking classes, but mathematics and being able to read labels in teh market is essential! With all of the stereotypes, women are just as important as men

  • Educate Girl Child

    Every girl in the world should deserve an equal chance at education. I feel as though, coming from a family of teachers that even girls here in the U.S. are not treated fairly when it comes to education. I am in my last year of public high school and every person deserves to feel safe when it comes to have a public education experience. This means that girls should be treated equally to boys, it is difficult to have a safe and equal environment when the dress codes that are enforced at school buildings are sexist. I have constantly been told that the reason that I and the other girls at my school are not allowed to wear certain items of clothing is because it can be a distraction to the boys that are in my classes. Why is this? Why is it that the boys have very little restrictions on clothing but us ladies have several?

    Another thing about girls receiving education in the world is that many believe that women should stay home to cook, clean and care for their family etc. It is the 21st century and every girl should be able to attend school and have a good education before any of this happens. If a young woman chooses to attend school, she should have every right to, she should not be held back by any man or higher power from doing so. Every girl should deserve the right to attend school and earn an education wherever she may be in the world.

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