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    We believe that education, like healthcare, is a fundamental social good, one that benefits both individual students and society as a whole (Report, 21 March). We believe that everyone should have an equal right, during a formative period of their lives, to pursue their own interests for their own sake. The ability to exercise this right should not be filtered by wealth and privilege, or be determined by the current priorities of the labour market. Still less should it be decided by those who might profit from any imminent increase in student debt, or from the erosion of staff pay and conditions.

  • Basic human right

    According to the law of human right there aren't any single notice of education as a basic human right. People believe humans are different from animals but actually they are the same creature made from god. Humans can still live a happy and meanningful life without education. Therefore, I believe that education is not a basic human right.

  • Yes, Education is a Basic Human Right

    Education is a basic human right because a person's entire world can be changed simply based on what they are allowed to learn. Education can open up doors that nothing else can. We all know a person needs an education in order to advance in this world, but an education is necessary for intellectual advancement as well. Everyone should have the opportunity to get an education, and it should be a basic human right.

  • Yes, it is

    Yes, it is. Education does help develop young minds and encourages continued learning throughout ones life. The problem is when it comes to what is being taught. The parents of children should have the primary role in educating and raising their children to be responsible people. Schools can then be used to educate children to a deeper knowledge of all things.

  • It is today

    Perhaps when we were an agrarian society education was different and institutional education did not necessarily have to be considered a human right, but today access to education is one of the biggest indicators of future success in society, including economic success. We should be aware of this and make sure that all children are granted a quality education.

  • College prices should be lowered.

    The fact that college is so expensive these days is so annoying, especially to those that want to continue their education. We should be promoting more education at an affordable cost so we can have more people do the jobs that we are asking them to do. If college was more affordable, people would be able to focus on bettering themselves rather than worrying if they will ever have to pay off this dept or not knowing what to do with themselves.

  • It is a Basic Human Right

    In early days of civilization, when Education was learned by the people themselves, rules and regulations were not so much driven by educated research and investigation. There is too much knowledge floating around and our lives, believe it or not, are very dependent on that knowledge. Our laws and regulations, such as tax laws were developed using techniques that can only be understood if the person has a basic education such as reading skills.

    A lack of education can lead to a violation of Article 4 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that reads "No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms". An uneducated individual can be maintained in a near slavery or servitude state if it is, purposefully, restricted from an education. Imagine that a state governor, believing that Education is a privilege, treats it as such and only gives it to privileged individuals. Those who are not privileged enough to obtain the basic education, such as how to read and write, and mathematics, will live at the mercy of those who do receive the education. Without knowing how to read, these individuals will not be able to acquire more relevant knowledge, and wont be able to live with dignity.

    Those who do have an education will know how to do arithmetic better than those who don't and we can only hope, that those educationally privileged are good enough to not take advantage (let's leave history decide that) of the uneducated.

    An uneducated individual that doesn't understand laws nor how government works or where to go for help, read nor speak properly will only be driven by irrational feelings sparked by fight or flight responses to uneducated intuitions. A common example of these responses is violence and crime.

    Education USED to be a privilege, however, given the high use of education in the development of our societies in every aspect. There is just too much to be learned on your own to be able to achieve anything in life. After all, education is a requirement to getting a decent job.

  • Education for girls

    Education is important. Without education, people will be caged up and be exploited by the men. Take a look at LEDC. For example, Pakistan. The girls suffer because they don't have the same right to go to school to get an education. This is not fair to girls around world.

  • Check out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Check out Articles 25 and 26. Education may have been a privilege two hundred years ago, but now it is a necessary component to pursuing happiness and making the most out of one's life. In a modern, technological world, education is an absolute necessity. In a capitalist market, education is a requirement to be competitive. In a democracy, there's no substitute for education.

  • Difference between misery and happiness.

    In today's world (America will be the subject) education is the difference between living a good life, and living in dirt and disease and misery. People who are absolutely unable to get an education are forced to work entry level jobs for their entire lives. Which also takes away jobs for the younger generation so they can't even get their foot in the door. There are 50 year olds working at mcdonalds making cheese burgers because of wage slavery. You must work, society needs you to work, not to be happy. But society doesn't give you the necessary tools to get real work. For a society to really thrive, they must educate it's citizens. Education is not a business it's a human right. The american government keeps education away from those too poor to afford it so they can keep a certain level of stupidity in the nation. Why? Because it's easy to control stupid people. If everyone started to get educations and learn more, there's no way some of the people in office would still be there. This is why think they will not consider making education a right, paid for by ever so slightly decreases military spending, which could actually pay for education and free universal healthcare at the same time. And we wouldn't even need to raise anyones taxes, just redirect where they go. Also, to the 1%, stop being a little bitch and pay more taxes for your country and stop trying to argue that poor people shouldn't have to pay less than you. That's just outrageous.

  • PROPER education is a privilege

    Learning things by yourself and teaching yourself things are just fine, but a teacher teaching you everything is a privilege. Humans must learn basic things in order to live, but things like the sciences and the history of the world are not guaranteed and are therefore not "basic human rights".

  • Education is a privilege

    Here is the thing. Education has never been a human right. While we are all born with a natural curiosity to know things, that is all it is. I mean, the whole premise of the "education is a right" is to make what is known as "formal" education free, less expensive, more wide spread, etc. Ironically though, if we are talking about education then it must be ALL education for a certain subject. This means both sides on topic must be taught. Yet, we will have people that want to limit or even exclude contradicting teachings on a subject. If such a supposed right can be regulated, it is even a right? No. Our only rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If education is a pursuit of yours then that pursuit should be protected however, the pursuit in of itself is not the right afforded to you.

  • Some just don't feel like it.

    Some students just don't want to learn! Forcing unwilling students to learn is not helping them at all and instead, makes them hate school. Also, by forcing students to learn, they actually don't learn a thing! Kids have to be EAGER in order to actually listen to the teacher and absorb the knowledge inside their brains! So, in conclusion, education should be a privilege and only be for children who want to learn.

  • Beneficial Yes, Right No!

    Education in the sense that one has a right to have knowledge given to them is NOT a human right. Education in the sense that one has a right to be inquisitive and explore his curiosity is a human right but is better known as freedom of expression For education to be a Human Right logically requires educators. What happens if no one is willing to be an educator yet it is a human right? To remedy this would require force on the unwilling educator thus conflicting with the educator's human right of free will. No, education is a privilege (a very beneficial one) but it is not a human right.

  • No

    Education in the early days of civilization was learned by the people themselves. Now today people expect that right. It is a privilege. It is good, but not everyone deserves it because they exist. Some people won't use it, some will. Ultimately, it is nothing more then a foundation for modern society and not a right.

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