Is education around the world biased towards getting good examination results?

Asked by: Belgarath
  • Memorization is key, didn't you know that?

    Schools are more focused on high test scores than actually teaching students. The curriculum theses days is over packed with useless information and the valuable material is lost in it’s wake. School districts cram as much material they can into a semester or school year and give a tests weekly on information students have only been given days prior. These students are not learning this information, and the only thing the instructors are teaching is memorization tools so that in three days they can ace a test. However a month later these students won’t even recognise the same formulas or terms from before. Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford University says, “The focus on memorization, fueled by standardized testing, has obstructed learning…. Students have been losing or squandering most of the information they acquire in school.” Although many schools claim that because their curriculum is so high they offer a better education, they are wrong, just because a school has the most material in a class, does not mean that their students are learning any more. In fact, they are probably learning less. Of course these schools are exhibiting high test scores, they are giving tests while the information is still fresh on the brain. However these students are not learning, they are simply memorizing long enough to get the score their school so heavily demands.

  • It's all about grades

    No one cares about learning, they wan to get good grades. It's pressuring because, you study and get a good grade but you may not even understand it. Then, if your in math, for example, and you need to remember older lessons...It's more difficult because you didn't understand. It happens all the time and with so much pressure about getting A's and AA's no one cares about learning

  • School isn't about learning anymore, its about getting good grades.

    There are a lot of careers that are very competitive, thus they only pick people who end up with the highest numbers at the end of it all. It takes less to do with your actual learning process and more to do with fitting in the mold that is the education system. You could have people who just make the test marks, and burn the notes, and you have others who keep writing and is genuinely interested and actually take something out of it but they aren't the top. There is so much pressure to do well in school. Instead of "what did you learn today?" It is "how do you think you did on that test?" The emphasis is all wrong and blown out of its intended purpose.

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