• Yes, education allows for informed choices.

    Yes, education is better than emotion, because education allows people to make informed decisions. There are a lot of things that sound nice in practice, that with a little bit of education, people realize there are good reasons why they won't work. An education allows people to invent new things and make good choices that improve the world.

  • Education can illuminate what 'emotion' really is

    Which is a social construct.

    Imagine if I behave in a certain way, if I act according to what most people would recognize as "love" or "hate" or "being happy" or "being sad" even. If I act that way then what's the difference between if they are real emotions versus I'm faking it? What practical difference is there?

    Thoughts, the 'inner world' is just an interface for interacting with the actual world. It has no meaning beyond that.

    We regularly pollute this interface by talking about "true feelings", "true self", "inner world". They DON'T exist! They're make believe. It's hard to get around to realizing that because the use of such phrases is so ubiquitous. I find it helpful to allow myself to appeal to these things while recognizing that I'm only appealing to my own personal narrative of the social narrative of the given emotion and that it has no reality beyond that.

    The narrative of "emotion" enslaves people. People think they are powerless and must act a certain way because they are "sad" or some other label but they are just going by the impressions that imprinted into them from society.

  • Emotion is what makes us human.

    Example: Auschwitz, World War 2.

    These brilliant scientists received an excellent education and they proceeded to cast deadly experiments on the Jews.

    Had they had their empathy poked during school, they would have grown up to be moral human beings. Instead, they were taught to submerge their feelings and they grew to resemble monsters.

    You shouldn't value intelligence over kindness, love, empathy. We are here for a limited amount of time, and all of us will die. This is not about being remembered as the "guy who solved Fermat's last theorem (although Fermat solved it already, we just don't know how he did it.) This doesn't matter, not in the slightest.
    Life is about helping other people.

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