• Without education, there will never be world peace.

    Education is necessary for mankind to become more cultured
    and civilized. Education will help us to
    have foresight, in order to make wiser decisions and not only live for the
    moment. Only when we are educated and
    begin to think about the future of our children and our world will we be able
    to come together and have world peace.

  • Education is always a good thing.

    Education is always beneficial to a situation. It allows for all parties to comprehend what is going on and allows for clarity. If all parties are well educated, then I believe that it would be easier to come to a well thought out decision. In addition, it would not just be education in books alone. We also need to be educated in other cultures. This would lead to a greater understanding of one another.

  • It does'nt matter if you are educated or not your morals and values tell you what is good or bad.

    What we are following in modern education is that there is no room for passion,innovation and creativity. Children are more focused on better grades and competition where in real life you have to work as a team.
    If you take an example of a small stick you can break it easily but if you take a bunch of sticks you wont be able to break it this is where you can imagine the stick as a single person and a couple of sticks as a team.

  • Education itself cant make world peace

    In todays world about 85 percent is educated but still there are battles going here and there, can anyone one of you guess why? Its because the way one is educated that contaminates everyones mind. Todays education has turned into a spectators sport. The children, they are forced to study and get high grades. Neither any teacher nor any parent cares for any values. There is an absolute lack of values. No one cares to give a look to the values that makes about 50 percent of a good human.

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