• Education is Important for All

    Yes, education is important for everyone. One must learn about the world around himself/herself, and without a proper and good education, this can prove to be very difficult. To shun one's education is to shun the very world itself, and this obviously proves to be a fruitless endeavor. Education for all, I say.

  • Educated citizens create better country

    If we educate our citizens better, we will become a better country. The most important aspect of a democracy is to have an informed public, otherwise people may make choices that do not benefit their own interests. If we don't educate everyone, then a large block of the voters in our country will vote for whoever can convince the uneducated and ignorant to vote for them.

  • Education isn't for everyone

    Also, education would be different in different countries for example, in China people are taught that Tibet and Taiwan are both part of China. Schools have bullying and are also brilliant places to transmit diseases. The same form of education doesn't work for everyone and it might just confuse them even more.

  • Education is not for everyone

    The education you receive isn't important for everyone since how would learning how to read and write help you survive if you live alone in a jungle far way from civilisation? It is not like that you could read attackers to death out in the wild for survival is it?

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