• You Need an education in order to make a living.

    Most jobs these days require at least a Bachelors degree or an Associates degree and quite frankly if you cant even get a high school diploma then you mind as well admit that you are a current failure in trying to make a living. So, get off your ass and go back to school and get your shit done.

  • Although not everyone learns the same way education is still very important.

    If you give a child the choice to go to school and learn how to live life or stay home they would choose stay home. Everybody needs to be educated to a certain degree. Not everyone has to go to college or even finish high school but everyone needs to know how to pay bills, buy a car or house, and how to live an average everyday life.

  • Destroys your path to real happiness

    1. Parents these day make their child go into a good school to make them successful in life, but the thing is the child dosent know what they are studying for and no reason to go there. Its just because their parents force them to go, so later on in life they will have no goal and no path to what they are doing

    2. They are just studing to get a good grade. For me, im a korean and i dont know what my goal is and what true happiness is. I want to taste the happiness but i dont have time to do anything i want to do

  • No it is not the key to success.

    1. Education destroy poor people's income.
    2. For a ward of a rich (if he / she is disinrested) , because he / she can continue once bussiness or work.
    3. Education is not a solitary key to success. It is not important to live a happy life. Thank you!

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