Is education in the US good enough? Are there improvements that could be made?

Asked by: Anish2000
  • The Conservative Option

    This is the United States, not the Soviet Union and it was never intended within our constitution for the education of our populace to be determined by bureaucrats in Washington. Education was meant to be controlled from the local level. With that in mind, coming from the perspective of a High School Sophomore, I believe our teachers are underpaid, driving the quality of teachers to a dangerously low measure, our students are over-tested with a curriculum that is as dull as a Jeb Bush speech. We need to emulate the german tract system, of teaching all students vocational skills, so after high school they can find a job to support themselves as opposed to being a burden on society. We need to bring back, hands on skills; auto, metal, and wood shop all need to make a resurgence within our schools for the students to have more of a well rounded education, because in no-wheres ville, Arizona where I reside, knowing how to calculate the surface area of a dodecahedron, will bask in irrelevance when compared with vocational skills.

  • Yes. I think so

    Everyone learns differently. There have been many breakthroughs in psychology, mounting evidence that there are a few distinct learning sytles seen throughout study after study. These learning styles should be implemented In the structure of educations rather than a singular style of learning that benefits few.
    More money could also be put into education. The building of new schools, the introduction to new state of the art technologies, the advent of new curricula that moves with the evolution of society, the implementation of new ways of going about schooling, increasing pay, advocating a new outlook on learning, conduct studies to see what works best to create competent and inspired young individuals.. Ect.

  • The US is falling in the global ranking of education.

    I don't really know what to say, I just want to know what people think about education in the US and if they think that it is good enough or that it has some improvements that should be made so that kids can compete with their global peers. More words

  • Several changes are needed

    There are several problems with the US Education System. First is that teachers receive relatively low pay compared to other college graduates, thus many of the brightest college graduates go into higher paying careers such as business or technology. Thus, a way to improve this is to introduce merit-based pay.

    The second problem is that teachers unions often block many reforms (such as merit-based pay), and factors such as teacher tenure make it hard to fire such teachers. Curbing the power of teachers unions and getting rid of tenure may help in this regard.

    The third problem is the school districting system. Essentially, the property values of the better school districts increase such that only relatively wealthy families can afford to send their children there to learn, thus the poorer kids get left behind in low quality schools. Providing more school choice through charters and vouchers can help poor students escape awful schools.

    The fourth problem is excessive graduation requirements. Whilst I am a big believer in meritocracy (and am adamantly opposed to dumbing down material), many requirements are excessive and are extremely arbitrary. In California, it is mandated that you take a course in Biology, but it is optional to take courses in Physics and/or Chemistry. In addition, VAPA, CTE, PE, World History, US History, AP Econ and AP Gov requirements all prevent students from taking courses they prefer (for example, I wasn't allowed to take AP Stats because I hadn't done 2 years of PE at the time). Getting rid of arbitrary requirements and mandating a simple minimum of 2 years of Math, 2 years of English & 1 year of Science (any choice) will give more course freedom.

    Lastly, there is excessive standardized testing, and often ones fate in life is too dependent on a single test (SAT/ACT). This results in huge stress and a motivation to get students to regurgitating material rather than understanding it (as well as teaching to the test). In order to improve this, we ought to decrease our reliance on tests and promote IB style Extended Essays, as well as coming up with AMC type math problems that require more creative thinking.

    Posted by: WXL
  • Change needs to occur

    I have said for years that schools need to change. We need to reinvent school in that it should be a privilege and not a mandate. Core classes should be changed to the most import an topics to learn about, and classes should be separated not only by skill, but by learning style for each student. Students should have a voice in what and how they are learning. They made be only children and teenagers, but they're the ones that are learning, and if they aren't learning, then things need to change.

  • Education Should be Left to the States not the Feds

    The people should demand that the Federal Department of Education be abolished and that all publicly funded education be decided and governed through the State and at the local level.

    The Federal Government is simply to big to do this the right way. There is simply no reason why any Washington DC politician should dictate how anyone's child, other than their own, should be educated.

  • School is dumb.

    NO!! America, please don't do this to me!! I hate school, we can not make it go longer. NO!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School is not as important as living a good life. When your old, you won't be able to run around and have fun, but while your young, you are sitting in a class room the whole day, making you go old, or die of boredom.

  • American schools are SHIT

    The usa has such a shitty school system lust look at the literacy rates. 84% wtf, this is usa not f*king china or pakistan. Look at hindustan they have so good literacy they make all scientists doctors engineers in the world then theres usa with the f*ching a*s crap that they call school. Usa needs to see indian schools. JAI HIND

  • Persistent demographic gaps remain

    There are significant average group differences in achievement; there's a gender gap (that favors females), a socioeconomic status gap (that favors the affluent), and a racial gap (that disfavors blacks and hispanics). The education system is clearly under-serving huge segments of the population; boys, the poor, and minorities tend to perform worse than their peers.

    There are other factors that aren't directly measured by "managerial" metrics like GPAs, college enrollment rates, and test scores: in my own experience (male, minority, "high-IQ gifted", high achiever) I found K-12 education to be incredibly stifling; I'd frequently argue with uninterested administrators about acceleration and I'd often get picked on by other students, despite keeping to myself. It was exhausting and derailing, and I could have spent that time doing... Anything else. Children can be incredibly cruel to each other; discussions about achievement and "ranking" often miss this.

  • Common Destructive Core

    The U.S education system still has not gotten rid of mandated core curriculum classes which have, along with students receiving for them, only damaged their ability to develop and grow as academics. Common Core will harm students because it fails to consider that some students have more focused ambitions in the school environment; that while one student may want to be a scientist another might want to be accountant - but due to Common Core, they are unable to get into the class of accounting solely because that class is not mandated while others are and that serves to be an obstacle. But Common Core also mandates certain aspects of each curriculum; so that teachers in mathematics must educate students on how to solve mathematical equations a certain way. What you'll find is that solving '9+6' with the way in which students are taught through Common Core actually takes approximately one minute to figure out, even for the teachers themselves.

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