• Preparation for future life

    I think that in today's world one simply must have an education to be able to survive in the modern day business area. If not, then the chances of getting a decent, well paid job is minimal, and so ones
    Options are limited as far as the ability to do anything worthwhile in life.

    Conclusion: education is moral, as it helps prepare students for future life in the competitive modern world.

  • It depends on where the education is coming from

    But in general it's definitely "moral." There's nothing immoral about it... As a current student (at least at my school this is the case) we are taught ethics, morals, norms, etc. Through everything we do at school. We're taught moral values every day to prep us for life later. There's nothing "immoral" about that.

  • Education is moral. How can it not be?

    Moral is defined as: (source-Free Merriam Webster dictionary website)
    1) relative to "principles of right and wrong behavior", or 2) teaching the principles/ideas of correct behavior

    Education does exactly that. Not only does education provide you with knowledge, but also how to respect your peers, your teacher, work hard to achieve your goals, dreams, and shapes your character so you can go far in life. Is this not moral? Is this not right? Let's look at academics-you don't like math but you need it in real life. So you learn about math. It's your education. Or else, you would be clueless. You won't be able to get a job, make investments, and make smart money choices.
    Education teaches you about the world. You cannot be an ignorant person, that can make you socially inadequate. You want to broaden your horizons, expose yourself to various events, and that's education.
    If this were a debate, i'd like to elaborate more. Thank you.

  • Nowadays our student's brain are filled with science, maths ,but not moral science and ethics,...

    I am having opinion that in these days education means science , maths, but not moral values...
    Authorities should take responsibility to add subjects like ethics and moral values since primary level of education...Even up to the age of graduation..
    And conduct personal interviews to every student before getting his degree along with exams

  • Exploitation of Ignorance

    Education, as stated by savvga13, is intended to teach us many things and condition us to the principles we are expected to follow. That is how education is supposed to work.

    However, as we've seen through history, education can be used as a political or social tool for distraction, indoctrination and otherwise malicious causes, and has tended to fail its overall purpose for teaching. One problem currently faced is the issue of money getting involved, leading to the exploitation of educational facilities for greed.

    A lot of different scenarios can lead into my argument that I simply don't have the time to mention in detail, so to end off my argument: Education is intended to be "moral," but is not.

  • Society and Ideology

    There are two functions of education: Crating qualified working forces, and promoting ideology.

    The first one is to teach people skills that are necessary to function in the economy. If our economic system would be morally justified, this would not be a problem. But as capitalism relies on the exploitation of workers, it is something that should not be applauded.

    Ideology denotes the full spectrum of moral, political and social views that a society holds. These views are a product of the fundamental structure of society and function to preserve this society. For example, the ideology of medieval times said that the king has been appointed by god and should be accepted. The ideology of capitalism consists of the statist belief in representative democracy, in the belief in free-market economics, in values such as obedience and conformism. Capitalist ideology views human beings as exchangeable. It is fundamentally anti-emancipatory. Bourgeois education promotes harmful ideology and should thus be viewed as immoral.

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Anonymous says2013-09-07T09:25:26.307
What kind of question is that? Education is a tool. A tool can be used both for moral or immoral goals.