• Education is necessary for modern progress.

    Education is the basic element in life, it creates intelligence and intellects , and it has been the only tool through which we human beings have been able to conquer this world. And if we desire to prosper then we will have to educate our modern generation with quality education, and that' s what progress means.

  • It's an old, outdated system.

    Education was created quite a long time ago, back when there wasn't much known about the world in the first place. As society progresses, more and more branches of subjects become open. Examples:

    Classical mechanics
    Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics
    Quantum mechanics

    Theoretical Chemistry
    Nuclear Chemistry
    General Chemistry

    And many more examples. These things didn't exist when education was first created, and as such, education becomes more and more obsolete as the need for more specialized people becomes apparent. Someone with a basic understanding of history, math, science and Literature will be of no use to society as it progresses, for someone to be useful they would need to be more intelligent in specific categories, this is why most people end up forgetting everything they learn in school anyways. They don't need or or cannot use it in such a basic form as what they were given, along with the fact that they probably had no interest in it to begin with.

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