• Exams are Stupid

    Most students learn what they need to know for the exam (usually the night before) and then they forget all about it the next week and prepare for the next exam. Now, I'm of course only talking about academic classes in University (maybe high school) such as History, Geography, Biology, etc. While we do learn some thing from those classes, if we do bad on a test (most likely in a class we did not want to take/care about) people think we are not as intelligent (sometimes it's the case), but maybe it's just because of a lack of interest and the student not wanting to "play the game". The "game" is : "Who can score the highest on this test that does not mean you will actually remember this useless knowledge" Why do we want to get the highest note? Why do we need to memorize something that we can just Google if we want to know it? What I'm saying is that the way we educate people is stupid and outdated. With the power to obtain all knowledge in the world at our fingertips, exams are really not necessary anymore (not in the way we make them anyways).

    On a side note, classes that teach actual skills required to do a job are the only classes we should take, unless we are directed into the field of research (Like seriously what is taking a Degree in History gonna do for me? Nothing, I'll end up working at Walmart).

  • Exams are too strict.

    In school we are taught that there is always a right or wrong answer and that your answer can't be creative, It has conform to the rules of the mark scheme. Schools also use students to preserve their reputation. You only get one shot at the exam instead of the chance to do a re-sit because if you don't do well the first time it looks bad on the school. Also, The examiner marking your paper may sometimes mark based on their mood. If they have been marking the same test for 4 hours straight they're likely to be in a bad mood at this point and they might decide that your answer isn't absolutely perfect so it has to be wrong.

  • Education is knowledge

    Examinations are preparatory phase for pir monetary
    future. But it is not an end we also need to know about the affairs of our country. Knowledge is some thing which is to be known but examination is something which we have to learnt by heart. Examination is the end of education but from knowledge education gets started.

  • Yes Education is About Exams

    The American education system is shaped around getting high test scores, regardless if the education was given in the correct manner. Students are treated as stock, essentially publicly traded. Of course education about exams, which is all about money. Our system is a sinking ship, its just a matter of time before its last passenger has their final breath.

  • Exams are only to evaluate what the student learned.

    Education is about teaching young students about things that they will (possibly) need in their future to be successful. It isn't education if the student doesn't learn anything. Exams are only to ensure that the student was taught well and understands what they need to know at that age. Education overall is mainly about learning, and exams are only there to ensure that.

  • Bias bias bias bias bias bias

    The exams are so fucking biased. Different people correct them, u can get a cynical asshole correcting ur exam or a gayish teacher whi basically gives u all marks
    Basically the mood of the person corecting a paper conditions the fuck all of us
    Its dumb. It is based on what THEY think is the correct answer. What about free of speech? Different opinions? They are basically making us dumb and ripping us the capability of coming up with different ways of thinking
    We have to think and reason their way and if we dont they give us the middle finger
    I hope they fucking regret making a whole generation of students so retarded they will always look for answers based on someone else's opinion

  • Exams should not be!!!

    Exams should not be instead of exams marks should be given on the basis of group and individual activities. The newly introduced C.B.S.E pattern says that instead of having 6 exams there will be 2 exams and other four will change to activities. Marks would given in the activities according to their involvement in the particular activity. I think that slowly slowly the number of exams should decrease till 0. A brilliant child gets severely ill during his exams, hence he could not give the exams and scores very less in his boards and he does not get admission in good college. Many students like this commit suicide. This above example tells us that we can not judge the hard work of one year and intelligence of a child by 3 hours of exam. If this is false than could you judge one whole year within 3 hours.

  • Education is more than just exams

    Education is more than just exams, it is a whole person based intelligence. Education is learning from others and gaining life experiences. Some of these things can't be measured by exams. Education is understand how the world works and how you can improve the world by understanding the processes of the world.

  • No, it is about learning.

    No, education is not only about exams, because education is important for learning. Exams are the way that students are evaluated, but the true purpose of an education is to learn. A student will quickly find, in the real world, that their grades did not mean anything if they did not learn while they were in school.

  • Education is about more than exams.

    Education is naturally about much more than exams. It is fundamentally about learning, this includes new information, skills, experiences, etc. In order to measure how much one has learned however, it is often necessary for educators to give exams. By completing exams successfully, students demonstrate to others that they understand what they have learned.

  • No. I do not believe education is only about exams.

    No. I do not believe education is only about exams. Education is about everything before exams. The day to day learning, and studying to make sure the information has totally sunk in. Exams are just a recollection of knowledge you have already retained. If you don't know the material you wont do to well on the exams.

  • Education is not only about exams.

    There is a lot more to education than just exams. Although exams are an important way to evaluate students, the entire education process is much more complicated. Students are also graded on their participation in class and their homework assignments. Testing and exams should not be weighted in evaluating students.

  • No, education is more than just about exams.

    Exams are an important part of education. The reason they are helpful is that they're a good gauge of what a student is retaining. However, there is a lot more to education. One of the things it does is prepare young people for getting jobs, which will also require hard work and dedication. Exams are just one of the tools used to make sure students are really learning the material.

  • Education should not be only about exams

    Education should not be only about exams. Sadly and Unfortunately in the 21st century it seems that the American Education System is based a lot on kids taking Standardized Tests. To me, there is so much more to education than that. I feel like teachers spend too much time trying to prepare the students for standardized tests that they are not always able to focus on teaching them the material in class. I think that it is OK to test students by exams, but it should not be the only way to educate students and the state/government should not place so much emphasis on it.

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