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  • School vouchers would help.

    Yes, education reform is a possibility, because parents who get involved can really make a difference. Reform is possible because the parents want changes. Allowing parents choice for their children would be a positive first step. School choice along with a voucher program would make schools try harder to keep students.

  • Yes It Is

    The main problem with common core is the fact that it is not specific enough. Education reform is absolutely possible and not every one will be happy with it. I think teachers are upset because they have more quality checks, but they need them. There are teachers out there who under perform throughout their career. I think reform is possible, but who is to say that the current system can't simply be fixed.

  • Reform is Possible

    Education reform is possible, and it is just a matter of time before more and more parents become so upset with the status quo that they force change. The information technology available today has the power to fundamentally change the way students are educated, and that is a strong motivation for current models to either improve or be run over by progress.

  • Yes, with broad consensus.

    Education reform is certainly a possibility as long as the interested parties are willing to make sacrifices for the better of students. Education standards can be increased and promoted by congressional action, but only if all parties are willing to do what is best for students. Teachers unions can be forces of good but they must make it easier to fire bad teachers and promote based on ability and results rather than tenure and seniority. If all interestered parties involved work together, education reform is certainly possible.

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