Is education the answer to growing African nations?

  • Yes, education is always key.

    Yes, education would do a great deal of work in Africa. It is the key to a nation's prowess when it comes down to it. A smart nation is a nation that builds and sustains, and that's exactly what those growing African nations need. It's not a question of if it would help, it's a question of when it'll start happening. Hopefully soon.

  • One of Many

    African nations will end up growing for a variety of reasons, but we can't expect much if the people in these countries do not receive an education. Education should always be considered when trying to improve the lifestyles of entire populations. Education could give them a step in the right direction.

  • Education is the answer in most cases

    There are very few situations in developing countries that is not fixed by the implementation of a quality education program. This helps increase the overall knowledge base and allows for free thought and ideas. Also it lessens the affects of blind dogmatic religions and makes people gain a greater appreciation for life.

  • They need sound government.

    No, education is not the answer to growing African nations, because it does not matter if they can all read and write as long as they have a corrupt government at the top. People need to know if they start a business that they will be able to operate that business in their own country.

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