Is education the only factor in the development of a country?

  • Education is important for the development of the country

    In this era of globalization, competition between countries has become more and more frequent. Malaysia as a country that aiming to achieve a developed nation in year 2020 must realize that educations is one of the important factor that the country need. For example, most of the peoples who living in the developed countries have highly educated. In my opinion, I agree that education is the most important factor in the development of a country. Firstly, in the life, people can live without education but education is the fast way helping people improve knowledge and experiences. Basic education provides people with a greater understanding of basic daily information about life as well as of their own potential. A country with a strong education system can most definitely develop in the future. In developing country, improving citizen's learning is very important because their attitude towards a question can influence on development of country. Secondly, in all countries especially developing countries, the way to develop is do own self. Developing education means the own way to develop country. There's a famous saying "If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, if you teach the man to fish you feed him for a lifetime". In some countries, the government invests a big part of the profits in weapons but it's really waste time and money. The long investment is in education. With a good education system, people can study easily, they can overtake the newest technology then they apply in their life.

  • Except education a country need many qualities for its development.

    Education can't be the only factor for the development of a country
    In a country there are many subjects to improve for the betterment of a country except education. Industry is also very important in this regard,if the all people are educated but they remain idle, then is it helpful for a country??

  • Other factors are important too

    Education alone cannot develop a country or else every country will have only schools and no other buildings. To develop a country many resources are also needed. SO, All in all education alone can not develop a country although it is important. It needs to be assisted with various other factors to make a country developed.

  • No, free markets are best.

    No, education is not the only factor in the development of a country, because it is far more important to have a strong economic system in which people are free to start businesses. America became the wealthiest nation on earth when most people only received a small education in a one-room schoolhouse. The economy is more important than education

  • Education is not the only factor in the development of a country.

    To assume that education is the only factor in the development of a country is to assume that agriculture, military presence and power, resources, allies, public relations in general, government and law, and many other things are not factors in the development of a country. Although education is a major factor in the development of a country, to say that it's the only one is nonsensical.

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