• Gift of knowledge.

    Snowden should, in my opinion, be protected by the whistleblower act. Yes, it is true that he exposed government secrets. And in some ways other countries and even terrorists could take advantage of that. But there are some more details you have to take into consideration. He exposed to us the fact that our privacy was being violated. The NSA was looking at our cell phone records, their time length, who they were going to, where they were coming from, ect. They were also looking at our emails in the same fashion. Once this was exposed the NSA even admitted that this was not completely accurate, and was only a few percent better than their former way of working. It feels wrong to trust our government and then have them stab us in the back like that, but at least now I am aware of it and I have Mr. Snowden to thank for that. And that is why he is a whistleblower and not a traitor.

  • Yes, he is a hero!

    He released information that the public DESERVE to know. We should have the right to know what our government is doing. What the NSA and GCHQ are doing is unconstitutional, even a Judges agree to this. What they are doing is over the top, it is not ''for our protection'' it is for censorship and spying.

  • Edward Snowden is a hero, but to the people. Not to the government

    Government was created as a system to create order in a country, not to control. A system for guidance, for when a country faced a problem, they would turn to their government. But now, the government is the problem, and when Snowden found out about the treacheries the government was committing, he turned to the people, and gave them power. A hero to a government is not a hero at all, but a servant. A slave obeying commands. A hero is not slave, nor an oppressor, but a liberator. When democracy and freedom failed, he made a choice. A choice nobody else could make, and then fled. And while our government chases him and tries to prove him wrong, he remains a hero.

  • He betrayed his country, he is therefore a traitor, not a hero

    I agree that all governments should be more transparent; yet no matter how you try to spin it, Snowden's leaks have jeopardized America's national security, putting innocent lives at risk. Not only this, but his seek for asylum has put severe strain up international relations, strains that will undoubtedly come to haunt us in the future

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