• Snowden a traitor

    Edward Snowden is a traitor to the United States. He disclosed secrets, which put the country in greater harm. He went to Russia, where he has the potential to do even more harm. He should have gone through the proper channels. The U.S. government has shown evidence that he did not take this course of action.

  • Yes, Snowdon is a traitor

    Edward Snowdon committed crimes then ran away to a foreign country. He continues to hide like a coward and is doing his best to avoid justice in the United States. Citizens have the benefit of using our justice system which assumes they are innocent until proven guilty. By avoiding justice Snowden is a traitor as well as a criminal.

  • Snowden benefited the US

    By exposing the NSA, he helped everyone realize that our own government is doing these illegal things. People like him are the reason that we do not have a dictatorship, as they act to balance power. Because he found that the NSA was spying on innocent civilians, he had a duty to tell the people.

  • Edward Snowden is a hero

    The main reason why he should not be called as traitor is because people get to choose their own government and they voted them to be as their leader. They have all the rights to know if the government is doing something without the public acknowledgement. Snowden did betray his employee and this should be noted in the non-disclosure agreement but the entire government won't work without the public. So Snowden took the chances to betray his employee in order to warn and alert the public.

  • Yeah he's a whistleblower but...

    He warned the public about the NSA, that was a great service to the people of the US. He should be considered a hero for what he did not condemned as a criminal just because he tattletaled on the US Government. He didn't betray his country, he warned the people that were being used of something that was going on that they were unaware of and that does not make him a traitor he left because of his own safety not to defect.

  • No, Edward Snowden was a whistleblower

    Edward Snowden is not a traitor to the United States. Although he made public classified documents, this alone does not make him a traitor. He turned these documents over to the government and alerted the American people to the covert surveillance that was being conducted. Snowden acted as the check and balance to the government. It is civic actions like these that ensure the freedoms we enjoy in America.

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