• Whether or not Snowden himself is a hero is irrelevant; his actions were heroic regardless of the intent.

    It seems like a hefty majority of the people claiming he's a 'traitor' are either severely indoctrinated, Severely misinformed, Or most likely both. The truth is that the US government was, And still is, Committing treason. A democratic government should not act in it's own interests, But in the interests of the people. Anyone who tries to downplay the criminal and illegitimate surveillance practices put into place by the US government is naïve as well as severely mistaken. In the words of Snowden himself; “Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say. ” Indoctrinated, Neuro-divergent bootlickers will argue that Snowden is a naïve ideologue, Whilst themselves swearing to god that their corrupted governmental institutions are 'definitely just trying to keep the people safe'. This is, Objectively, Disgusting and frighteningly dull rhetoric that does not deserve to be acknowledged. The notion of whether or not Snowden himself is a Saint among men is irrelevant; what he did was, Regardless of his own intentions, A powerful and liberating thing. Thankfully, Most of the educated masses understand this to be the truth.

    1. Arguing that he 'broke the law' and is therefore a traitor is genuinely puzzling, As the United States itself was breaking the law consistently for over a decade? If speaking out against mass criminal activity is considered illegal, The US legal system requires severe reform (and it does). His trial under the charge of espionage is, And has always been, A complete sham. Actually answering for his '''''crimes'''''' would just land him in a corrupted kangaroo court and potentially lead to him being tortured and killed behind the scenes.
    2. He did not put the US at risk. At best, He caused minor turmoil on the front of international relations which, Honestly, They entirely deserved. They've been committing warcrimes unchecked for decades, F**k em.
    3. The russian connection is BS and everyone arguing this point knows it. He hid away in Moscow for his own safety, Not because of any respect he might have for their institutions. He has been equally critical of Russia's corrupted political model as he has been with the US. He also NEVER INTENDED TO GO TO RUSSIA. The place he ACTUALLY intended to go was South America. How can anyone in their right mind suppose that he'd be a 'Russian Spy' or even a Russian sympathizer?

  • Truth needs to be known

    There is no reason for the government to watch or hear Americans via cell phones/ computer lenses. This is a violation of our rights ! If the crazies want to be crazy then let them, you cant arrest people for thoughts, that's a violation of our rights as the human race.

  • Is this even a question?

    If it weren’t for him we would have never known how the government was unconstitutionally spying on US citizens. He’s a hero for risking his safety to be a whistleblower and make sure the American people know what their government is doing right in front of us. There is no argument that can stand easily.

  • Edward Snowden is a Hero

    Our government has access to thousands of phone records, and large amounts of data from from US based internet companies including Facebook, Google, and Yahoo, and has also broken the fourth amendment of the Constitution. Without Snowden, we would never have known what our government was doing, illegally and behind our backs. Thank you Edward Snowden!

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  • Right thing to do

    People need privacy. The government works for the people. Government may need privacy (keep secrets) in order to do a better work for the people. Total governmental transparency for its constituents would defeat this purpose, so "the law" is the only bridge between the people and certain governmental agencies activities. If the law is not being followed, then people may end up with a unbounded group of people that are essentially dictators, warlords. The opacity cannot grow darker so that the law is neglected. Snowden rose awareness to this problem.

  • Snowden did his best

    Snowden saw an illegal and unconstitutional act happening by a government that thought it was above the law. He was scared, as all of us would have been, and he knew that if he legally reported it, he could be silenced, and it could all have been covered up. Though he did not handle the situation perfectly, and committed treason, I would really like to see someone state better option that lacks the danger of cover up.

  • Eric Snowden is a hero Kama a patriot, and a National Treasure!...

    In George Orwell's novel, 1984, O'Brien, Winston Smiths torturer, says to him during a torture session, " if you want a vision of the future, Winston, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever." THIS is what all government eventually metastasizes into if not constantly and vigilantly monitored by its citizens! America needs thousands of Edward Snowdens to reign in an out-of-control power hungry federal government that is threatening to Stamp Out All civil liberties, tear up the Constitution and reduce us all to Slaves of the state...!

  • Giving his life for country willingly

    Giving up his life for our freedom and being brave enough to fight to make people aware of what is being hidden from us by big government. To me it's just like fighting for your country in military and get deployed. To be that passionate about our country and our freedom shows a lot of courage anyway you look at it.

  • Stood up to corruption.

    When you are given a lot of power and dont have to answer to anyone, youre gonna end up abusing that power sooner or later. The NSA uses the term 'classifed' just as an excuse to continue their illegal spying. Governments are afraid of losing their power to us, the people. That is why they are always looking to put down people like edward snowden and julian assange.

  • Nonononononono nonon nonon

    Edward Snowden is a traitor

    There were many channels that he could have gone through; he could have contacted his admin, or have written to a congressman. I disagree with some of the things in the PATRIOT act, however he did betray his country. If he thought what he did was correct, then he would have assumed that if he was taken to trial, he would not have been tried; however he did run, and is now saying that Obama is a lizard person!

  • Not a hero

    He claims to be a freedom fighter, but then he releases government secrets which are put in place to keep us secure, then hides in Russia... A man looking for freedom hiding in russia... Ironic isn't it? He comprimised the security of the american goverment to make a point about how we are being spy'd on. Sure he did the right thing, but at least he could have done it in a less revealing fashon that comprimised the american security agency and their secrets. We want to be private yet we expose others

  • This non-hero claims to be a hero but doesn't even wear a cape.

    Snowden claims that his actions were executed for the betterment of the American population. He states that the exposure of the confidential information was liable to public scrutiny, and too many decisions were made "under the table". Typically, one would agree. Government actions are meant to protect the people, and thus, they should be shared with said people. But in this case, such information compromises national security and should never have been released.

  • I think he meant well, ideally he is right, but his actions were misguided.

    We live in world so totally different than anything in the past. Trying to be proactive rather than reactive is in the best interest of everyone.
    9/11 changed the way we see the world. But even with all of the information we have, as in 9/11 they were asleep at the helm.
    It will never be 100% due to human error. But vigilance is key.

  • Not a hero in my limited knowledge of the facts ...

    Snowden broke the law and has placed America in harms way by his revelations. I for one do not know if all I read/researched is completely true, however I believe I was safer before this came to light than I am today. I want to believe that our intelligence gathering has to be in depth to keep America safe and if that means sifting thru our emails, phone calls, social media posts then I am fine with that. If you have nothing to hide and you are truly doing nothing what does it really matter? Video surveillance I have a problem with ANYONE coming in my home. My family is scared to me and to that I say, "Don't Tread on Me." My only hesitation is why hasn't the government put up a public display allowing those to come forward like Snowden. Wouldn't that clear all of this up?

  • He is not a Hero

    A lot of people will say that Edward Snowden is a patriot or a hero, however this is simply false. By revealing the information that he did, he put the U.S. at risk. If he had really thought that what he was doing was right, then he would have stayed for trial instead of feeling to Hong Kong and then Russia. Has it not occured to any of you that there is a reason that Russia granted him political asylum. He was entrusted with U.S. secrets and he broke that trust. For those of you that say that people should be able to know what he released, its simple. If you are not a criminal, if you are not doing anything illegal, then what do you have to worry about!

  • Edward Snowden is a traitor

    There were many channels that he could have gone through; he could have contacted his admin, or have written to a congressman. I disagree with some of the things in the PATRIOT act, however he did betray his country. If he thought what he did was correct, then he would have assumed that if he was taken to trial, he would not have been tried; however he did run, and is now saying that Obama is a lizard person!

  • Nope hes not

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  • Maybe a Russia/China Hero but definitely not an American Hero

    Whether or not you like it the government will collect information however they damn well please and I give 0 fucks how they do so as I am not breaking the law. The only people who think this guy is a hero are criminals. There is nothing this guy did that benefited me, in fact he put my life in more danger by revealing American secrets that our government trusted him with. There is a reason he is pardoned in Russia... If you people are so blind as to think the US is the only country spying on their citizens then you have no understanding of how the world works. Snowden is a coward, a liar, and he disrepected his own nation. He is in no way a hero by any standards.

  • A traitor who did nothing for ideology nut very much for his own interest.

    He reveals how fake he is by choosing the two worst examples of information control, so he can't live in US but is ok with Russia and China??? Btw he doesn't even mention that many of the instruments in the hand of the NSA are to counterbalance those of Russia and China who everyday spy on US and European citizens and firms.... Traitor and death penalty is what I think of him.

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