• Of course not..

    But running off to Russia before he handed out the material would have been completely non Gandhi-like. All the secrets are open now so I do not think he has anything valuable to offer Russia. It does not make sense for him to hand his 'bargaining chip' to a third party and then run of to the Iron Curtain, right?

    Posted by: fazz
  • "I can offer nothing more than my word"

    I say Edward Snowden is comparable to Mahatma Gandhi because he has the capacity to make sacrifices. He--like Gandhi did when he first came to South Africa in 1893--sacrificed his job and home when he decided to reveal the truth to the world what NSA had been doing, which is what Gandhi did in his peaceful disobedience, the satyagraha, a devotion to truth. No matter how much the truth was going to reveal, whether the truth may endanger us or not, that had to be done, and Snowden had the guts to do it. And why does this sound like I'm making a big deal, that's because unlike government officials or other officials in top agencies who didn't see what was the difference between right and wrong and who decided to keep it secret in return for favor from the government, Snowden realized what was right from wrong even if everyone was going to go against him for blowing the whistle. And that may have been the broad picture we see, but we still haven’t seen what Snowden’s seen. And with Snowden running from US prosecution, that's because Gandhi, in his time, knew that he wouldn't be in prison forever and that he would get out and be able to continue with the non-violent protest campaigns, but for Snowden, he really doesn't have a choice, the government would lock him away and decide what to tell us, after all, in Snowden's position, it's easy to vilify him. So, I say that Snowden did the best he could to do the right thing to keep us astray from doing wrong things by clicking a button on a computer.

  • They have different everything

    Gandhi and Snowden lived in two very different times in two different places with very different motives and very different actions.

    Gandhi's goal was for India to gain independence from England. It was a very noble cause; trying (and succeeding) to "resurrect" his country. It was a much higher cause compared to Snowden's. Gandhi suffered through it all peacefully without threatening anyone. He was beaten, put into prison, had to be force-fed, etc, but he never once brought a charge against the British or condemned them for what they did. Now this is what I call true respect and true love. Snowden is a speck of dust compared to Gandhi.

  • Don't make me laugh!

    Snowden couldn't make a scab on the backside of Ghandi! He's not even comparable to Daniel Ellsberg. When I think of Edward Snowden, I think of a couple of individuals: Robert Hanssen &
    Aldrich Ames. Both worked for government agencies like Snowden (FBI & CIA). Both ended up spying for Russia. And where is Edward Snowden these days? The only difference ... Snowden hauled butt & made accusations before an investigation could put him behind bars. We don't know what Snowden was, or wasn't, doing before he left the U.S. I suspect the government has with-held plenty on that subject. We do know that he has sought sanctuary from nations that aren't exactly bosom-buddies with America. We also know that Russia has welcomed him with open arms, but he can no longer talk publicly. To that, I can only add ... Whatever else he knows is for Putin's ears only!

  • They are very different.

    Unlike Gandhi, who stayed and aimed to peacefully free the Indians from Britain, Snowden revealed a lot of misrepresented data and ran. As far as we know, he might have even been working for Russia. Snowden would have more respect, if he had stayed and faced the Government on this issue, and shown a more accurate picture of the NSA's PRISM.

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