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  • He a hero

    Edward Snowden reminds somewhat of the character of Thomas Anderson, the future Nea, in the movie The Matrix. Anderson worked as a civil servant in the impeccably assembled the world "The Matrix," in which feels that something is wrong. While running away from the "Matrix" becomes a hunted beast, but was determined not to return to the comforting illusion of a happy life in a well-regulated virtual society, but is faced with a horrifying truth - that the charity actually evildoers.
    It has long been said that the victory of evil in the world enough that good men do nothing, or, as blindly obedient and loyal citizens, condemning those who dare to civil disobedience, whose truthfulness declared a crime against God and the people.

  • People are robed of their rights, and even if snowden tells us, it does absolutely nothing

    Even if he tells us that the government has access to everything that we do and so on, we can do nothing. The government will probably say its for the good of the people, and to watch for terrorist, which is right, but does the good balance the bad? No. Everything the United states has been working for since the time of the colonies: to be independent and to give people their right of freedom has just been rejected by the people who created the laws and follow them.

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