• Edward Snowden is winning

    Regardless of whether one agrees with Snowden's actions. it is apparent that he is currently winning the great fray into which he entered. He has countries offering him asylum, supporters offering him financial assistance, and a U.S. court ruling that the program he exposed is unconstitutional. How it all ends remains to be seen, but he is currently in the driver's seat and has said himself that his mission has been accomplished.

  • Edward snowden is a patriot

    Edward Snowden is only trying to help us as people out! The government is keeping secrets from us and he has some of them. He wants to help us out as citizens. Patriotism is someone who saves the people, from its government. Edward Snowden is a patriot, and that's all I have to say.

  • He is a traitor to the American people.

    He hacked into a system that was higher then his security clearance. He ran away and won't come back unless he is given a pardon. He says he loves his country (united states) but he might start an accidental war. Keeping information away from North Korea, Russia and Iran he might start a war or if those countries get that information it could start a cyber attack against the country that he "loves"

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