• Yes! Egypt is a safe place to vacation.

    No worries for foreigners in Egypt, there might be problems in the political views.
    You can go anywhere you will be safe, you can visit Luxor and Aswan, Sharm Elshaiekh or even Taba or Oasis.
    I recommend going there anytime, if you still afraid, just keep away from Cairo ( The Capital).

  • Yes, Egypt is a safe place to vacation.

    Yes, Egypt is a safe place to vacation. If you want to avoid violence it's easy to do. The violence is being kept in Cairo for the most part, popular vacation spots on the red sea are free of protesters and riots. The economy is in shambles so you should keep an eye out for pick pocketers and thieves.

  • Yes it is a safe place to visit.

    Egypt should still be a safe place for people to vacation at. There are many destinations that are far enough away from the central conflict that people can still travel down there and should not have any issues dealing with the war that is going on over there at the moment.

  • I Wouldn't Go There

    I do not believe Egypt is a safe place to vacation at the moment. I personally wouldn't go there, even though I would love to see some of their historical land marks in person. Of course some people like to take risks and I'm sure that people still visit to see these sites, but with all the uphevel, I'm staying away.

  • No, not at the moment.

    Egypt has so much to recommend it for those who love ancient history and a different kind of beauty in nature from what many are used to, but at this point it probably is not safe. Of course, one can travel guarded and on a strict tour, making it safer, but that isn't the real experience either.

  • I believe that Egypt is no longer a safe place to vacation.

    I believe that Egypt is no longer a safe place to
    vacation. The Arab spring has changed everything. Terrorists are everywhere, and they tend to
    target Americans and Europeans.
    Americans vacationing overseas often become easy targets for terrorists. All Americans should be advised not to
    vacation in Muslim countries until Al-Qaeda is defeated.

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