• Egypt is in Chaos

    Egypt is definitely going through a turbulent time right now. They just ousted an extremely corrupt dictator and now the people are trying hard to preserve some sort of democracy. They are faced with a power-hungry president and dangerous military force. There is a risk of collapsing into utter turmoil. Hopefully the people can see it through to some stability.

  • Close to Chaos

    Only a short time after overthrowing their government, Egypt is again in crisis, with new President Morsi facing widespread protests over his heavy-handed tactics, which some have compared to the old regime. Rifts between Morsi's government and the military appear to be growing, signaling that the collapse of the new government may be imminent.

  • Yes, The Risk is High

    Egypt is a very unstable country at the moment. Tensions are running high between the people and the military, between the military and government, and between the government and the people. The protesters expected real change after they ousted Mubarak, and Morsi let them down with his shady dealings having to do with government power. So the country is back in the news and is at risk of collapsing into chaos again.

  • Yes, things are strained there

    It's been just under 2 years since the people of Egypt overthrew the government. Now they are rising up again. There is the very real risk that the country could collapse. However, there are so many caring people in that country that I think they will be able to pull it out of crisis.

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