• Sisi is a good, secular leader

    Sisi is definitely a good leader who is fighting terrorism, creating jobs and combating extremism. He's already slashed jihadi texts from schools and has hosted one of the most successful economic conferences in history. The military has also made significant gains against the local terrorist group sundae Beit al maqdis

  • History repeats itself.

    A quick look through history will show that Egypt always rises after a collapse and always collapses after a rise. Egypt opened up to democracy and was infiltrated by an opportunistic political terrorist organization. The Parliament was controlled by Muslim Brotherhood, and the president was Muslim Brotherhood. On the first day, the president changed the constitution. He paid restaurant tabs with tax payers' money, and funneled petroleum to Hamas, which caused 30 minute electricity outages daily (everywhere in Egypt), and lead to half-a-mile long lines at petrol stations. Egypt was treated as a piece of the puzzle, because they believe in a unified Muslim state.

    Now, after the second revolt, they now have a president elected by the people for the people. This man will treat Egypt as the priority and not a piece to a bigger puzzle. He promised he'd clean up the streets and the terrorism in Sinai. Domestically, Egypt has a lot of room for improvement, but they've made a new commitment to cleaning up the country inside out. This looks to be the start of a new high for this Middle Eastern country.

  • No, Egypt is falling apart.

    No, Egypt is collapsing more than it is evolving, because violence is up in Egypt, and religious tolerance is down. Economic stability has also declined, and there is no clear leadership in the country. By every measure, Egypt is worse off now than it was before the beginning of the Arab spring.

  • Egypt is in a downward spiral.

    Although Egypt of course has evolved and modernized since ancient times, the things that have been going on recently in the government and within extremist groups running amok throughout the country has in fact, made them take a few steps back. I do think though, as a part of their particular culture, they will never "REALLY" evolve.

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