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  • It not the first time Egypt has been in an uproar

    No, I do not believe Egypt is headed into civil war. The country has uprising consistently where half the people are not happy with the government. The same thing happens, those that are unhappy gather to object and so do those that are in support of the government. They meet, they fight, some may even die and then the squabble is over.

  • Egypt's Issues May Stop Before War

    There is a lot of unrest in Egypt, this is undeniable, but it is unlikely to escalate to a full-blown civil war. I believe that the publicity of the Egyptian struggle will in itself prevent the outbreak of a civil war. The world is too involved for it to occur; if anything, it will be talked down by a fellow government looking to protect a fellow nation or save economic investments. Too much unrest will prevent the entire war from happening, though it may be close.

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