• Oh Yes

    They are about to have a Civil War of massive stature. They cannot stand Morsi dragging their names and families through the mud, in Egypt, and worldwide. Morsi is the embodiment of the Muslim Brotherhood. Tyrannical and in need of assassination. I support the Civil War as long as what happened with Iran does not happen there. That is the wrong entity to ever be in power.

  • Yes

    I would venture to say that they are already embroiled in a civil war, even if it has not reached its full scale violence yet. Civil war does not necessarily require fighting and battles; the dissent and sentiments of opposing sides create a social, cultural civil war, which they are experiencing now.

  • YES

    It has been for quite a while. There are just too many sectarians in there for the people to be happy. It seems to me that it was basically just a bunch of formerly powerful people that chose to take advantage of a vacuum in power.

    People aren't going to be happy with that. They've had enough of the old ways, and they've had far too much of modern ways to accept a radical and ultra conservative Muslim government.

  • Yes, has been for a while

    The Egyptian people have been battling governments they disapprove of for a long time, and this one may be the tipping point. Finally given a taste of democracy they are largely still not satisfied, and they were told that this time would be different. They are not happy that an official was finally legitimately elected and is still unsatisfactory. Welcome to democracy!

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