• He is lead by Muslim Brotherhood

    Muslim brotherhood is a terrorist group which is mainly responsible for tyrannical dictatorship in various Arab countries. As long as a party is a member of Muslim Brotherhood, it can be most safely said that it is a dictatorial regime. Assad, Saddam Hussein, Hamas Group of Palestine can all be categorized as result of Muslim Brotherhood.

  • No, Morsi is not the world's latest dictator.

    Morsi is acting upon the views of the party that democratically elected him. People in the US are quick to call someone a dictator or terrorist because their views do not reflect their own. I understand that Morsi's party believes in some things, especially that from a women's rights standpoint, that the general American public does not agree with. That does not mean that he is a dictator. He did make a move to grab executive and judicial power across the board, but he backed down after resistance from the nation. Even if this had gone into effect however, it would have only lasted until the next election at most, meaning he is not a dictator by any definition of the word.

  • He got elected fair and square

    I would rather say el-sisi is the latest dictator. What dictatorship did he apply; made law... Umm doesn't he have the right to do it. Just because he was a bit islamic doesn't make him an all of a sudden terrorist if you are human you would know that is islam is not terrorism.
    And don't you think its a bit odd that these kind of protests against people have started in all countries that weren't very good with the west (e.G. Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Syria and more) who knows which country is next.

  • Dictators are here everyday.

    All governments are dictators. They dictate our every move and watch our every action. The world is filled with dictators: from Obama to Kim-Jong Un. There is not a day where a life is ruined by stringent idiots running our society's machines of government, In a world where profit is preferable to altruism, there will never be a fair leader or group of leaders.

  • He was justly elected

    The man was elected by majority vote after ousting of another actual dictator. The used a democratic process to elected him and are now mad with the results. I blame Egypt fully for this as they let the Muslim Brotherhood actually rally together and present Morsi while the more secular parties did not unify like they should have.

    Posted by: Cobo
  • Not at this point

    He's shown some flickers of possibly wanting to become that, but has backed down when there was enough outrage from his people. That indicates he's not going to go in that direction. We cannot at this point assume his intentions aren't good as some of the most noteworthy things he's done so far have largely been praised by the global community.

  • No, He is not the world's last dictator!

    I do not think that Morsi is a dictator because he was elected by the citizens of Egypt! His views and values are different from ours, so we assume that he is a dictator. He tried to access all power by trying to take over the executive and judicial power, but back down when everyone opposed it!

  • Morsi Is Not A Dictator

    I've seen the word dictator being thrown around when describing Morsi, but I think it is being misused. Morsi is not a dictator. He is more like a puppet. There are obviously people in his camp and behind the scenes that are influencing his moves and how he goes about making judgements.

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