Is elective, adult male circumcision a good idea?

  • Significantly better for the man and his intimate life (each case is different)

    As a woman whose husband did it as an adult for non-religious reasons and without any influence (I wasn't even aware of his choice): he is fully satisfied with the results and for both of us intimate life has significantly improved. Personally I find it much more attractive, satisfying and hygienic this way than before. For men who think they will benefit from it (not indiscriminately for every male).

  • Yes, men should be able to make their choice.

    As a woman with a husband who got circumcised as an adult by personal choice, I confirm he does not regret it and is happier than ever with his body. Our intimate life improved very significantly. It looks beautiful, attractive and much more hygienic than before. I would advise men who think they can benefit from it to do it.

  • For her as well as him

    The AAP Report (August 2012) focused mainly on the benefits to the man (boy/baby) most of which are underpinned by peer-reviewed scientific studies. They in themselves should be sufficient argument in favor of the procedure. We hear too little of the potential benefits to the female partner, notably in terms of the greatly reduced HPV burden. If this really rather trivial surgical procedure (and I speak from personal experience) even slightly reduces the risk of cervical cancer, a usually fatal condition, I would suggest it is pure selfishness on the part of the man to refuse to undergo it. It's like Pascal's Wager - a one-way bet

  • Its cleaner and sexier

    The benefits are as stated above and from my own experience I can say the procedure was virtually painless. That was also the case during the healing process so if you are considering having it done have no fear on that score. You will be glad you did it and will enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life.

  • Circumcision is better on all counts - no contest

    A circumcised penis is cleaner, aesthetically far superior and sexually advantageous in comparison with the uncircumcised version. This opinion is based on having had the surgery at age 36 - not on account of physical or medical problems but because I had for a long time concluded the pro reasons above to be valid. The results confirmed that opinion. They exceeded my expectations and I have absolutely no regrets. I would never want to revert to my original condition.

  • Permission should always be sought before a circumcision.

    So, if a male gives his agreement, it's okay. That's what they do in Islam, and let's be honest, most circumcisions in the world are Islamic. Of itself, a circumcision ticks nearly all the right boxes and more so as a man gets older. It is, however, a 'one way street' to have to go down, and you can't turn back. But the hygiene at the other end is amazingly good and lasts a lifetime

  • All round benefits

    So many proven benefits, reduced incidence of UTIs, prostate cancer and transmission of a wide range of STDs. Benefits to the partner - cervical cancer, the jury is still out, but a range of other infections to female partners are certainly reduced. Last but not least, as most of us tend to live longer, maintaining penile hygiene in old age is undoubtedly easier for circumcised males. The majority of women (though certainly not all) prefer circumcised partners as numerous surveys have shown.

  • From personal experience it is better sexually, for cleanliness and for aesthetics.

    I had no physical problems requiring it - just a strong desire by age 36 to experience the benefits expressed in the headline above. The surgery and healing process to my surprise was virtually painless and the subsequent results have exceeded my hopes and expectations. I have no regrets whatsoever and would recommend it to anyone contemplating the procedure - provided always that it is competently performed.

  • Elective circumcision of adult males is a matter of personal choice of a medical procedure that is both legal and socially accepted.

    Elective male circumcision is a matter of individual choice. There are few, if any, health risks involved with the circumcision process. In some cases, the question of circumcision is in fact a matter of religious choice. Thus, the process should be treated the same as any other elective surgical procedure.

    Posted by: G4rwIsdead
  • I agree that is a good idea for adult circumcision to be an elective surgery because it is just like any other plastic surgery in my eyes.

    I may not be very educated on this topic when it comes to the health aspects, but as far as the surgery itself I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Any surgery presents risks, and every person is given all the information about what could go wrong before they get any surgery. If a grown man is uncomfortable with still having his foreskin and would like it removed, I think that is his right. Women all over America get plastic surgery every day. That is no different than what a man is doing with this elective procedure.

    Posted by: LamentableAlfonso71
  • Medically unreasonable, hygenically unreasonable, and just plain unreasonable.

    Getting the foreskin removed does nothing for you. It doesn't make you "Cleaner" because it's as easy to clean as any part of your body. If you take daily showers (like any sane person should) then cleaning the penis is not hard at all. There are no medical advantages from getting snipped, either. The foreskin also helps fight infection. Circumcision is merely a practice brought about by religious views. It is by no means a good idea.

  • Had it, regret it

    The procedure wasn't painful, however the 2 weeks of recovery were hell. Stung and was extremely uncomfortable, especially when I got an erection. Sex is not nearly as pleasureful as before because of all the nerves that got sliced. Your choice, but I personally wish my foreskin would grow back.

  • Why waste the money?

    Sure it should be a personal choice. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea and you should go out and do it.

    You'll have to spend money and then there's the time to heal.

    And then you will be less stimulated during sex because there are more sensitive nerve endings in the foreskin.

    As to any supposed benefits to reducing the transmission of STDs use a CONDOM. If you are seriously thinking about getting circumcised to reduce the risk of STD transmission then maybe it will make you overconfident and you'll feel like you don't need a condom. Condoms protect so much that any marginal protection from circumcision is too small to be worth it and the protection from circumcision without a condom is so small that if you seriously are getting circumcised to avoid getting STDs and not using a condom you're an idiot.

  • It shouldn't be a spur of the moment decision

    When considering a circumsicion, especially on a grown man, it's a bit of an ordeal. First of all, it's painful, especially during erections, and it takes several weeks to fully recover. But it is justified if there is a medical reason for it, such as phimosis, or if you want it badly enough to put up with a few weeks of pain/discomfort.

  • No its not really the best idea to have adult circumcisions because this is a more painful way of doing things.

    When you have a male baby that is being circumcised this is a much less painful process compared to an adult male. Adults will take a lot longer to recuperate from this procedure and it will be much more painful. It is painful for a baby but nowhere near what an adult would experience.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • Male circumcision should not be allowed to be elected nor applied in a law.

    Male circumcision should be adjusted if the male wants to get it and if he doesn't he has the right and not the government. They shouldn't tell you based on a vote that you would have to have that done if you don't want it done then you don't need to feel stressed from it.

    Posted by: waffletime
  • Not necessary unless too tight, pressure can be reduced!

    If too tight, a doctor can help trim just for helping against too tight a foreskin. Not necessary to remove more than just a little for comfort, by a medical aid, nurse, doctor. Thousands of nerves are present in the foreskin, never talked about by anyone, but very necessary for your sexual pleasure, and the pleasure of your lover. Please study available medical science. Circumcision is not required unless you want it. Study all you can find about this. Don't hurry. You can't grow it back once it is gone. Best regards and keep your nerves, roger

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