• Another right usurped

    While the overall majority of the population utilizes electricity those who choose to do without (at least in North America) are considered worthless for the most part by the rest of the on the grid population. If the entire system is financial (and it is) then it really doesn't matter if we say it is a right. It has already been abrogated from us. We live in a codified statute model that clearly benefits some and disregards and punishes the rest for non conformity. We have to pay for the privilege of what is defined in the UN charter of human rights (section 25) as if it were not ours to have.

  • People saying that it isn't right due to being an invention from a natural resource make no sense and are just ill informed.

    No! Electricity was not used by our ancestors. However, neither were computers, refrigerators, hot plates, water heaters, or light bulbs. They did not need these things to live. Further, last time I checked you could use fires to light up a cave, a castle, and to help keep you warm in the winter. You could also (without issues) hunt animals for food. In contrary to that, we have laws prohibiting fires within the modern homes, also you cant kill animals for consumption without a hunting license (requires money), can't legally allow your kids to go to school un-showered and malnutritioned without losing them to cps. So electricity in my opinion is a human right. We need it to survive in today's fast paced society. A society were it requires access to the internet to be able to keep up, a society that has prohibited by law many outdated forms of living, a society where 90% of most food and hot water requires some form of electricity. I invite anyone that say's electricity is not a necessity and/or human right to shut off their lights for 6 months, come back here and support that claim.

  • Turn it off and see what happens.

    The world changes. I look at the arguments against: we've lived so long without it, commodities aren't rights. I think we have also lived without cellphones for most of our history yet more people have access to cellphones than toilets. Human rights are societal choices otherwise slavery wouldn't even be a word. We as a society can choose to make this change, as most of the world had in regards to health care. With the far reaching consequences of the Internet, including this very debate, electricity should be available to every man woman and child. Free when possible and cheap when not.

  • Without electricity, none of us would be here debating.

    Electricity is vital for our safety in modern times. Look at what happens when massive blackouts occur. Try it: Search 'List of Major Power Outages' on Wikipedia, and read about the effects. In most of the outages, (especially after nightfall or in extreme weather) vital services slow or stop, most business comes to a standstill, people are stranded on transportation, food spoils, riots and injuries occur, and so much more. We may have survived without electricity before it was available, but times have changed.

  • Yes, electricity is essential for survival in the modern world.

    There is an extensive amount of devices that contribute to our survival in the modern world. Almost all of them are powered by electricity. HVAC, for example, is an absolute necessity for people in areas with extreme climates. Electricity also allows us to cook food to survive, and even have access to hot water. While we have survived for a long time without electricity, it is now a vital part of survival in the 21st century.

  • It should be

    Water (you know the stuff you're 70% made of) wasn't even recognized by the UN as a human right till 2010 in res 64/292.

    UDHR Article 25
    1. Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and
    well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing
    and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security
    in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or
    other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

    I would argue that electricity IS covered under UDHR 25 (1).

  • Education health and communication needs

    I live ona private gypsy site for 20 yrs..New neighbours have the right by law to remove our electricity supply that routes through their property plummeting us into poverty .The draconian law that states an electric cable needs to be routed for 20 yrs needs to be abolished as all human rights are not even considered.

  • Renewable energy has changed the game.

    Every child born on this earth is entitled the rays of the sun. WE now have the technology, just not the will, to see that all human beings have enough electricity to maintain their health and well being. The fact that we have not yet embraced this truth is disgraceful.

  • Because of how technology has shaped the world, I say YES.

    Can you live in an urban area without electricity? What gives you the ability to cook food if you do not have gas, which isn't always available? We don't live in the days where you could gather fuel for heat and cooking on your own. However, heat and the ability to cook food are basic human rights in a modern era. I'm sure some will say, "Well then, go move into the country and live off the land." Sorry, but the times where it was reasonable to do so have passed. All of the land is claimed. We created a society that is dependent upon technology, specifically energy technology. When men are not given alternative means to provide something for themselves any longer, it should be provided FOR them.

  • It comes with our era.

    Much of our world is now powered by electricity, from basics such as our fridge and stove, to hospital equipment such as life support and defibrillators. If your argument is that electricity isn't a human right based on luxuries such as a television, then you're also denying more important equipment such as the aforementioned life saving devices or in some homes heat in the dead of winter.

  • Uhh No. That's like saying iPods are a basic human right.

    Electricity is just material made our of other material in our world, like trees, washing machines, or beds. Materialistic things are not "human rights". Human rights are freedom, life, privacy, ect... You are not born with right to have access to electricity. Electricity is just physics...You take advantage of it if you can but you are not entitled to it from birth.

  • This question is absurd

    Electricity is a commodity, not a right, and you undercut your claim when you pointed out people have lived throughout history and today without it. Yes, it is convenient but like any other commodity it isn't free and must be purchased. I would make an appeal that in the future you refrain from such frivolous threads.

  • Food, Water are rights. . . . . Most goverments observe this to avoid civil war.

    Electricity is a luxury for the morbidly obese. The American Bill of Rights was not written with electric lighting. If you can not afford to pay for your electric bill, Buy a generator or solar panel & generate when needed. Electricity is not a right. It is a privilaged benefit of having access to the technology.

  • No, and never has been.

    It's not only not a human right, it's not a necessity! Even in cities, people can survive without electricity, internet, or even running water and sewage systems.
    None of those are RIGHTS, in any manner. They are, basically, luxuries, that turned into conveniences that people do not WANT to live without, but are not necessary, nor are they a RIGHT, such as the right to free speech (even against the government) or the right to carry arms (without any permits, or government control, so the citizens can, at any time, overthrow an oppressive government--and ALL governments are oppressive.)

  • Earth resources are not our right

    Unless we can make electricity sustainability (which we are currently not doing), it is not a right. We as humans can not view the Earth and its resources as a right or else we will destroy the planet (as we are doing now). Also, how can it be a right if it is limited?

  • It is not a basic human right.

    Electricity is not a basic human right. I have spent an extensive amount of time in the wilderness without the use of electricity. Humans have lived far longer without electricity, than with it. From obesity, to lack of exercise, to increases in blood pressure, deaths related to cyber bullying and more all equate to something which often sounds more like a problem than a solution.

  • Electricity is not the human right.

    Electricity is also one of the inventions. As you said, human didn't use it in ancestor period. Therefore, we cannot say it is our original right because it is just one among many inventions. Only after it was invented, we could start using it. It is sure that we cannot live conviniently like today without the electricity, but it is hard for electricity to be the one of our right.

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