• Far better long term

    Electronic learning will be far better in the long term for all of those in the world. Electronic learning is a huge leap for most people because of the lack of transit time (a dead weight loss in the world) and the chance for many experts to teach many worldwide.

  • With a few exceptions,electronic learning is just as competitive as classroom learning.

    With a few exceptions,electronic learning is just as competitive as classroom learning.It actually works better for many lets the student work at their own pace and is free of many of the social distractions that are found in the classroom environment.It also allows students to work from any place there is an internet connection.

  • Electronic learning is competitive.

    Electronic learning can be very beneficial. Traditional learning in a classroom can also be beneficial. I believe that there should be a balance between the two. They both have their merits because children learn in different ways. Electronic learning is probably the way learning will go in the future and it will be beneficial; however, there are some things that only hands-on learning can teach.

  • Yes, it is competitive in comparison.

    Electronic learning is getting vastly more popular in today's computer age. Traditional classrooms may offer a better hands on experience for learning, but with the easy access of learning from your home it can easily compete with Classroom Learning. This being said I do not believe that Electronic learning can compare in terms of results from learning in a traditional classroom.

  • Class vs computer

    I know that as a college student, I learn a whole lot more by going to a class and listening to a professor teach, than taking an online class where it is up to me to teach myself how to do the material. Teachers make you learn it and know it.

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