• With 2 Super Bowl MVPs over 55, 000 yards passing and at this moment 354 touchdown passes he is clearly a Hall of Famer

    With 2 Super Bowl MVPs over 55, 000 yards passing and at this moment 354 touchdown passes he is clearly a Hall of Famer. He needs to be supported by the sports writers also keep in mind his consecutive game streak that ended with no fault of his own vote Eli

  • No to first ballot, But yes to the hall.

    The pressure of playing in the big apple is second to none. The steady progress and winning ways, Despite if not having a pro bowl receiver, Nor much of an offensive line for most of those years also need to be taken into consideration. He won Super Bowls with teams that were anything but balanced, And only missed a game when a young hot dog coach sabotaged his streak.

    In my mind, His is not a first ballot guy, But needs to be inducted.

  • Eli does make the HOF

    Eli's stats are the best in his draft class in almost all the major categories. He is in the top ten when it comes to passing touchdowns, passing yards and passing attempts. He often looks bad because his team does not give him protection with poor offensive linemen. In 2007 when he had O' Hara, and Chris Snee, he showed what he could do with good running backs and a talented offensive line. The same is true with 2011. I believe that Eli should make into the Hall of fame

  • He's not a 1st Ballot HOFamer but he's a 2nd or 3rd Ballot HOFamer

    Eli without a doubt in my mind a Hall Of Famer because, his 2 SB's, he's won and been consistent with average or most years bad talent, is always consistent, Going to be by the time his career ends Top 5 All Time in Passing Yards and Passing TD's, beats great teams and great QB's. Even though he struggles in the regular season, when you need him in the postseason he will always play his best. Not to mention, he's a winner. Eli doesn't get any credit when they win but gets blasted when they lose and never yells, blames any coach or player he's always about the team that to me is a HOFamer in my book everytime. Finally,I know Interceptions are a big argument but alot of QB's have thrown more INT's than Eli and that time was when the league wasn't pass happy and it was just run. The QB's that have thrown more INT's than Eli and got in the Hall, Farve, Blanda, Tarkenton, Soon to be Peyton Manning, Tittle, Layne, Fouts, Moon, Elway, Stabler, and Joe Nameth. So if most of those guys can get in and most of them being in a not pass happy league I think Eli gets in with no debate. The Postseason is more important than the regular season. Too me I believe that Eli is a 2nd Ballot HOFamer but I wouldn't be mad if he was a 3rd ballot.

  • He has a HOF resume

    This IS a HOF Resume (like it or not):

    2007/2011 playoffs:
    2 Super Bowl wins vs. GOAT team/QB/coach
    Two iconic catches: Helmut catch, Manningham sideline catch
    Went 8-0 vs. Teams with a 108 – 27 record (7 upsets away from home field)
    4 classics: Beat 3 HOF QBs (Favre, Rodgers, and GOAT Brady) & NFC best defense SF
    TD to INT 15/2; 6 Playoff records - Single Season:Atts/Comps/Yds/GWDs/4QCB
    Super Bowl: Most completions to start SB(9)

    Reg. Season:
    Streak: 199 GS (3rd all-time)
    15 Franchise records
    4 NFL recs: Longest pass play/GWDs/Most 4Q TDs/ Most road wins (10)
    Top 10 all time: Comps/Attempts/TDs/Yards/Sack%
    510 yard game 2012; 6 TD game 2015 (set record with Brees – 13 TDs in a game)

    Top 10 all-time GWDs/4QCB (most among QBs since 1st start)
    Playoff records: most GWDs (3); Tied 4QCB (2) (only QB to do this twice)
    Tied single season rec.- GWDs(8), 4QCB (7); Lead league twice – GWDs/4QCB
    Only QB to have 6 or more GWDs in a season 3 times

    2 Super Bowl MVPs, 4 Pro Bowls, 4 Player of the weeks, Sporting News Athlete of the Year 2008, Walter Payton Man of the Year 2016
    Plus playing with success in NYC market

  • Eli Manning: Th Greatest Quarterback of All-Time (eventually)

    This is not a believable debate. We should move on too saying "Is Eli Manning better than Joe Montana?" When it comes to postseason the answer is actually yes. Think about it, Joe Montana beat the Cincinnati Bengals two times in the Super Bowl. The team doesn't have a Hall of Fame quarterback part of its franchise. Joe also beat John Elway and Dan Marino in Super Bowl because they didn't play well enough (when Montana beat Elway they won 55-10 when they played Marino they won 38-16). When Eli Manning won the Super Bowl he beat an undefeated team, made the greatest play in NFL history and threw the game-winning score with 35 seconds left. In Manning's second Super Bowl he played the same team and made another clutch play with a throw almost caught out of bounds. He led his team to another game-winning score with less than 1 minute left to play.

    Eli Manning's stats are also a lot better than Montana's. Eli Manning has 320 touchdown passes in his career as of 2016. Montana only had 273 touchdown passes in his career with the best receiver of all-time. That means Eli Manning has 47 more touchdown passes than Montana. That's not all, the second most important stat for a quarterback is career passing yards. Joe has about 40,550 passing yards compared to Eli Manning's 48,218 career yards. That's about 7,668 more yards than Montana`s.

  • Eli Manning: Dan Marino and Troy Aikman combined

    Eli Manning is an obvious Hall of Famer ad it all leads up to postseason,stats,iron man streak and impact. Eli Manning will largely be supported by two Super Bowl wins and Super Bowl MVP awards. No other quarterback in the history of the NFL who has not made the Hall of Fame has won the Super Bowl MVP at least two times. Eli Manning is even good when it comes to stats. He is currently in the Top 10 all-time for career touchdown passes, passing yards, completions and pass attempts. He could even go for more. Eli Manning is also currently the active leader for consecutive starts and third all-time for that and could keep going. Finally, Eli Manning has largely impacted his team by winning two Lombardi trophies. If it weren't for Eli Manning and his offense the Giants would have just won two.

  • This should not even be a debate

    Of course Eli Manning is a hall of famer. I am not adding anything because I wrote TWO articles about why Eli Manning is a hall of famer. TWO. If Eli doesn`t get in them Big Ben will not get in. But everybody must remember the following statement: Eli is going to the HOF and that he is underrated.

  • Yes. Eli Manning is a hall of famer.

    Two super bowls will put Eli in canton. Throwing 5 touchdowns against the eagles will put him in the hall of fame .Eli Manning had 229 touchdown passes and 171 interceptions in his entire career from last season (2013) . But now he has 259 touchdown passes and 184 interceptions in his career since the 2014 season. Eli Manning also has two super bowl MVPs. He is clutch. This will put Eli Manning in the hall of fame.

  • He is CLUTCH

    Statistics can be thrown at Eli all day but in the end he has 2 Super Bowl rings and both were against the elite Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Eli's first Super Bowl stopped an undefeated season for the Patriots! You don't get more clutch than that. And let's not forget each year they won they were underdogs against every team they drew in the playoffs. Finally, I am definitely not saying Eli is as good as his brother Peyton, but Eli has more Super Bowls than his brother with half as many playoff appearances. It's just something to think about.

  • Not a chance.

    The only statistic you have to look at is that. 509 CAREER WIN PERCENTAGE. He's a slightly above average quarterback who got hot twice and has played for a very long time. He's basically Nick Foles if Foles ever gets a long contract from a desperate team. If he retired 5 years ago I think he would have been better off.

  • Eli is average

    Not quite yet! Eli's problem is that he has never had a memorable elite season. Never made all-pro at his position, Can't remember one season where he completed a high percentage of his passes. He is 114-103 for his career. Championship wins are a team accomplishment not individual therefore to me the super wins are not a major tipping point to me. I think he will get in because of his family name and people will overrate those super bowl wins as if he won by himself.

  • Postseason Luck is not the sames as being good for a long time!

    I get that some players that made the Hall have worst career statistics than Eli but they played in a different era, different set of rules and passing was not as prolific as is today and his periperals suggest he is an average signal caller. The matter of the fact is that Eli has a career record of 111-103 in the regular season, Has only made the playoffs 6 times in his 14 year career (most of them as a wild card) and has one of the worst touchdown to interception ratios of all time (1.49). Never in his time was he considered elite and of the 4 pro bowls he went, two were as an alternate because better players were either injured or still playing in the postseason. People credit him a lot for his superbowl victories but I credit the Giants defense more and coach Couglin. He is mediocre and lucky. He will probably will be in the Hall for those two superbowl wins but I don't consider him a Hall of Famer.

  • Not among the greats of his era

    He was drafted in the same class as Roethlisberger and Rivers. In passing yards and passing TDs, all three are on par with each other. In interceptions, Manning leads the way, and he's got the lowest QB rating among the three. Just comparing the three QBs, Manning is third best. He does have the two rings and two SB MVPs, and those should not be dismissed. But at no time during his career was Manning ever thought of as an elite QB. The HOF is for elite players, not streaky or lucky players.

  • He definitely does not belong in the HoF for a productive career.

    The only thing he should be in the HoF for is his iron man streak, but he has a long way to catch up with the people in front of him.

    Two SB MVPs? I'd be the first person to think that with those he would have had a stellar career, but that just simply is not the case. He's average at best. His "best of all time" stats are the results of longevity, not skill.

    Just to drive a point home, let's take a few HoF lock such as Brady, Rothlisberger, Peyton, and Brees. Let's compare their completion percentage, attempts/TD, yards/attempt, and interceptions per attempt. But, just to make it more interesting, let's throw Tony Romo in there also. I think that most people would agree Romo isn't HoF worthy, but I do. To make this more interesting, let's remove all the names and just have the stats. Picking out the sure non-HoFer should be easy.
    Comp - Y/A - TD/A - I/A
    65.30 - 7.70 - 5.50 - 1.90
    65.30 - 7.90 - 5.70 - 2.70
    65.30 - 7.70 - 5.70 - 2.70
    59.30 - 7.10 - 4.70 - 3.20
    65.10 - 7.90 - 5.00 - 2.70
    66.40 - 7.50 - 5.30 - 2.50

    Romo should be #4, right? That guy has the worst stats in every single category by far. But, it turns out that #4 is Eli. Romo is #2 and virtual indistinguishable from all the HoF locks.

    If there is a Hall of Lucky, Eli is a lock. Outside of that, he's just plain average. And average should not be in the HoF.

  • You've got to be kidding!

    Eli Manning is about the fifth best QB in his division. His "MVP" Super Bowl performances racked up 17 and 21 points. So, basically, he didn't suck so the biased NY media and Giant fans call him clutch. Does anyone recall the dropped interception a play before Tyree's catch that would have clinched a NE win? Now, later in his career, he plays like a shaky infant who flops and grounds the ball under mild pressure. NO WAY is this guy HOF material.

  • Missed one word.

    The question should've been will Eli Manning be a hall of famer which in my opinion yes he will be. I agree with both of you he is absolutely clutch when the lights turn on, but his stat aren't good enough yet. Look at Dan Marino. Never won a Super Bowl, but because of his great stats he was inducted.

  • He is lucky.

    Not sure if you can call Eli a Hall of Famer quite yet after the season he had this year. The first Super Bowl Eli won was because of one of the luckiest catches of all time by a receiver who has done nothing since. The second Super Bowl that he won I'll give to him that he played a good game but still not convinced Eli has Hall of Famer status yet especially after the past season he had.

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