• It is right to an extent

    Elitism is a good concept and nothing is wrong with it. Elitism allows a group of people with similar ideologies and beliefs unite together believing that they should have some power. However, when elitism escalates to the point that the group or society thinks they are superior to others and puts down other ethnic, religious, racial etc groups, it is wrong. Many times in history this does actually end up happening. For example the KKK's motto is essentially to discriminate anyone that is not white. Therefore I believe that elitism is a good concept, but ends up having disastrous effects if taken
    advantage of.

  • Nothing excuses it

    It has been the cause of most of the world's problems. Jim Crow, the English and Danish empires, segregation, wars of religion, imperialism. Elitism is a belief that because you belong to the wrong race or set of beliefs, you shouldn't be allowed to take part in anything the other group (with different beliefs) partakes in.

  • Yes,elitism isalways a bad thing.

    Elitism can always be considered a bad thing.It's never really good for one group of people to feel superior to another when many times that superiority was gained by luck or family connections that had nothing to do with the merit of the original person.who claims to be better than everyone else.

  • Here's something logical

    Sometimes it's right. What about natural selection? Hey, we gotta advance the human race. If we allow the people falling behind to drain the system, then the system is broken. Yeah it sounds rough, but that's the way the world works. We gotta strive to the best form of humanity, and that means we gotta do what's necessary to get the strongest gene pool of humanity.

  • It is the natural order of things

    Some people will always be better than other. It's a fact, and there is no denying it. Superiority exists and those who believe in the 'everyone is equally good' mentality, appear to me as people who are simply idealistic not realistic. Since pre historic times, there were always those who were bigger and better (hence evolution) and now it isn't any different. Some people are just more intelligent, more beautiful, more capable than others. They are the elite, and they are superior. They have the right to feel superior because they are. It's a fact and there is nothing more to that.

  • No; not always

    Some people are superior to others in one or more respects. Recognising this simple fact is enough for one to be considered elitist; therefore elitism is not always a bad thing. Thinking you're superior to another based solely on skin colour is asinine, though, and as I recognise this, I know I am intellectually superior to people who disagree. I understand the criticisms of elitism, but it is not always bad. The world is not as black and white as we, as humans, have made it out to be. We oversimplify things.
    Treating people poorly because they're, say, not as smart as you, is something I do not approve of; but acknowledging that you are more intelligent is fine -- the only problem is when some people think they are superior in this respect when they're not, but this is not always the case.

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Shelley113 says2013-12-11T02:22:45.927
An unhappy person needs to belong to something, some group because they have no roots in themselves, don't belong. That creates anxiety as they should belong so they create a substitute belonging in a group, race, religion. But if you are rooted in a crowd you belong to an impasse; from there no further growth is possible.