Is Elizabeth Holmes and her success encouraging young women to drop out of school?

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  • No, Elizabeth Holmes's success story is not encouraging young women to drop out of school.

    On one hand, Elizabeth Holmes's story is obviously a very remarkable one. Yet for that very reason, it likely will not act to encourage more college drop outs. Yes, Holmes has achieved an extraordinary degree of success without ever completing a college degree, yet it is worth pointing out that the circumstances that facilitated her success are actually quite rare. For one, Holmes was from a well heeled family and received a first-rate education up to her dropping out from Stanford. This gave her substantial resources both intellectually and financially for making a brilliant scientific breakthrough and then investing in a company to propagate it. Very few other individuals have these things going for them.

  • Dropping Out Is A Personal Choice

    Dropping out of school always is a personal choice, even as misguided as such a decision can be. The number of success stories for school dropouts pales in comparison to the number of failed dropouts, and anyone who looks at the situation objectively can see that. However, every person has to make choices in life, and school isn't necessarily for everyone.

  • No, I do not believe that Elizabeth Holmes' success is encouraging young women to drop out of school

    No, I do not believe that Elizabeth Holmes' success is encouraging young women to drop out of school. There are a few people who are successful without an education, but this is not the norm. More people are successful with an education to support them, and society has proven this multiple times over.

  • No, there are a very few women who have had that kind of success after dropping out of school

    The success of Elizabeth Holmes is not encouraging the average young woman to drop out of school. Young women can see that Ms. Holmes is a genius entrepreneur. If everyone had her level of intelligence and drive we would all be billionaires. College is still necessary for the normal working person.

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