• Balance is good

    Sanders is a little bit out of control; if he has a running mate who provides some sense and can temper his opinions it might help his cause. It also might help the cause of the Democratic party, which has a lot of inertia in the Clinton camp. Sanders could move things even if he doesn't win the nomination, Warren might help that.

  • America is unfair to women

    Republicans call democrats unpatriotic well if supporting equal pay for everyone is unpatriotic then Bernie warren and I are unpatriotic and so are almost a women and blacks and Hispanics and educated people. If 90 percent of people are unpatriotic than this country won't work but then avian republicans are liars. Fact is women should not be making half of what men make

  • Elizabeth Warren for running mate

    Yes, I believe that Elizabeth Warren is a good choice as Bernie Sanders' running mate because she can bring a lot of experience to Bernie Sanders' team, as well as innovative points of view. She seems something that Bernie Sanders needs in this camping. Except these reasons, Elizabeth seems to be a people person and she migh bring additional votes needed.

  • Elizabeth Warren is a good choice as Bernie Sanders' running mate

    Elizabeth Warren is a good choice as Bernie Sanders' running mate because she and Sanders are closely politically aligned. For instance, both she and Sanders have addressed the structural issues that caused the 2008 financial crisis with similar viewpoints, stating that big banks must be broken up and that the Glass-Steagall Act should be reinstated.

  • A Perfect Winning Team

    Elizabeth Warren is a very knowledgeable and popular politician. There are many Americans who were disappointed that she did not seek the office of President of the United States. Should Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination, she would add some moderation to the ticket. She would certainly gain the support of many female voters as well.

  • Someone from out side the democratic party would be better.

    I think that Bernie needs to have a non democratic running mate, this would help him get more people on his side, therefore I think he should have a member of a non dominating party, one that most would call an Independent, and as many point out, having that person be female would most certainly help.
    Therefore I would nominate Jill Stein of the Green party and current presidential nominee, She's in the Green party, which agrees with Bernie on most things, including...
    Preventing the extreme over punishment of low level un violent drug offenders.
    The maintaining of peace between the US and other countries,
    And most importantly the taking the legalized corruption out of politics.
    With these reasons I say that Jill Stein is without a doubt the best running mate that Bernie Sanders could ask for.

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