• She is so cool

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  • Ellen very good leeda, MUST READ!

    Hi I'm Ellen Deeejenarous and you may be wondering how did i get in this situation, Well it all started back in 08'. . . . . . .
    BOW CHICKA BOW WOW, CHICKA WOAHHH - Nelson Mandela on his relationship with Ellen Deeejenarous.

    In 2008 Nelson Mandela revealed that he was actually a FEMALE and that he has been dating Ellen since she was 8 ( PEDO alert am i right guys )


  • She is my biggest font of inspiratiom

    I believe that its nice to see people helping people in the third world and wars etc...But many "regular" people struggle every day in thei daily job and just the fact that she randomly helps regular people is a fascination...My dream is to meet her one day ...Oh boy it will happen and I will be the happiest persona alive

  • She truly is

    Ellen has been through a lot throughout her life. She has spread a great message to the world. I understand others don't agree with this, but she has helped so many great minds who maybe felt misunderstood, and not accepted. Plus she is one of the most successful women alive.

  • Such an amazing role model

    She has a good heart and she is kind and she inspires people to be who they really are. She has a good personality and is strong in her beliefs. Ellen DeGeneres is an amazing role model to everyone, not only young women, but everyone in general. She is very empowering and supportive, She always tells people at the end of her show's to "be kind to one another" She encourages people to not be selfish and to care for others and give.

  • She is bomb

    She has a good heart and she is kind and she inspires people to come out and be who they really are. She makes everyone laugh and is strong in her beliefs. Ellen degeneres is an amazing role model to everyone, not only young women, but everyone in general. Be kind to one another bye bye!!

  • She is amaasing

    She is amazing because i love her asnd i think she is a good role modle becasue she is promoting elf awareness and also she is promoting to young people that it is ok to be lesbian or gay which it is. She also donates her money and makes sure she does things right for charities,

  • She is very empowering

    Ellen has supported many people to come out. She is empowering in the way of her kindness to everyone also, makes people feel happy everyday when you watch her show. For those reasons I think she is a superb role model to women and even young people her positive ways leave a wonderful impression on people.

  • She is kind

    Kindness is something missing all too much in the world and she is somebody who genuinely loves people. She loves with her whole heart and never preaches what she does not believe. The world needs more ellens and it would be a much better place for every one. I LOVE HER!

  • Most definitely an amazing role model and leader

    She is giving, supportive, kind, enthusiastic. I don't understand how having all of those qualities could make people think she is a bad role model. My dream is to meet her, Ellen, keep doing what you're doing. You brighten my day!
    :) Hope you get to be a comedian forever!

  • Do think so

    No just no, I'm not hating on Ellen I think she is funny probably have a great personality but...........We shouldn't tell our kids to like the same gender. If they do that's fine as a parent you will have to learn to accept it but you shouldn't encourage it They're just kids they will be confused and ask questions seeing why a women likes another women when they usually see a man with women. You don't see a princess marrying another princess in a cute little Disney movie

  • Ellen is not as honest as she thinks herself is.

    Ellen grew from a family that was lack of a father. When she tried to save her mom from depression, she cracked up jokes like her father did, and might find that acting like her father could give her mother certain comforts. And she might liked the feeling of masculinity when doing that. On the other hand, she was molested. The incident definitely made her afraid and angry towards men. She had to spend her life escaping from the fear. What she did was becoming increasingly masculine, adhering to men's principles, dressing in suits, talking in a man's way and to feel both loving and protected. Their family believes in scientific christianity, a religion that a fame-quest ellen might jolly well believe in some ways, because it is about guaranteed personal success. She slowly sacrificed herself, her own experience, her own memories, her own tenderness, and her own voice. She is a kindhearted person. She has never lost that trait. However, she is too selfless, and modern women should not learn that from her. But her trait of assertiveness and strategics is very worth learning, especially of women. Her style of talking is more immediately understandable to men.

  • She is not true to herself, though she always want to be honest.

    Ellen's values are traditional, perfectly inherited from her family. I was a big fan of hers, therefore, big to the point that I want to completely turn into her. But after a painful journey of self-discovery , I felt that she is not the right person to learn from. The problem , to be honest, is that she only lives to fit into a certain traditional set of principles but do not have her own memories, her own experience , and her own voice (Except for animals). Most young women's life experience is that they live under the protection of their fathers and expect to be protected by another man after growing up. They are used to fear their shelters and food to be taken away if they are not obedient from the time they are infants , and their voices are therefore silenced. Ellen serves as a role model as to be not afraid of being assertive and strategic in self expression, but she is also a mirror to show me how a strong women, if deprived completely of her own memories and experience , will be like. I find the inner part of that person weak, dull, heartless and not energetic at all. She sacrificed herself for freedom of expression of women, but the so called "be yourself "thing , is just an image she portrayed in her mind when she was young, that can guarantee her isolation and protection from her father and any other male human beings. She acts like a man, talks like a man, and advocates the morals that men adheres. She felt that she could then protect herself from the terrible memory she had.

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