• Comedy is subjective.

    In my opinion, Ellen DeGeneres is very funny. She mainly uses self-deprecating humor rather than satirical humor that brings other people down (of course i'm not saying that you should bring yourself down for the sake of comedy, but it's more peaceful and humble than bringing others down). I think her jokes are funny :)

  • Ellen has enjoyed many years as a comedic talent as a result of her clean, funny humor

    Ellen Degeneres is indeed funny. Her comedic talents often focus upon family-friendly, clean humor that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Ellen Degeneres has enjoyed the TV limelight for many years, first in the 1990s with a primetime TV show, and currently with her afternoon talk show. Her staying power proves she is a funny lady.

  • Yes she is.

    I do think that Ellen DeGeneres is funny. I like that she always has a lot of life and dances around on the stage for her show and tries to be giving and make light of things so everyone can have a good time. I think she has a great spirit and funny nature.

  • I Find Her Funny

    Given that antennas do not work to get channels in my area it has been awhile since I watched Ellen DeGeneres's TV show, but I generally enjoyed watching it before. I do find her to be funny, even though she does try to tackle more serious topics at times on her show.

  • Yes, Ellen DeGeneres is funny but also very entertaining.

    Ellen DeGeneres is the best of all worlds on TV. She is funny, she is intelligent, and she has excellent timing when it comes to comedic delivery. But she is also respected for having "come out" long before it was acceptable. She continues to deliver her brand of comedy with a straight face and sometimes a "what the heck" attitude and we love her for it.

  • Watch 'Finding Nemo'

    Ellen DeGeneres hasn't really been funny with her stand up routines in a while. She's funny on her show every so often. However, she's hilarious as the voice of Dory on "Finding Nemo." I can't wait for the sequel in 2015, "Finding Dory." DeGeneres is funny, otherwise she wouldn't be so popular in our culture.

  • If you laugh doesn't your humor die a little?

    She is not funny and she uses basic over used memes or quotes as jokes. She might have been an alright voice in finding nemo but that doesn't make her a funny person. If that is your only arguement then you are a basic humor person. I feel bad for you.

  • Not compared to the hundreds of good comedians

    Ellen is safe, Predictable and boring most of the time, Which is fine if you're not looking for anything that'll make you actually laugh, But just to pass time. She doesn't take any risk or put and effort into her jokes, But not every comedian does. People just like the bold brash and loud personality she puts on, But she's not exactly funny or creative, She's just her.

  • Not According to Those with Taste.

    Comedy is subjective. But unless you're an aging divorced woman, no, you don't think Ellen is funny. Ellen's idea of comedy is inviting an already-viral YouTube video star to do the exact same routine on her show, and then put it back on YouTube. She is television clickbait. Objectively unfunny.

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