• He is the king of rock and roll because he was one of the top artists that made top hits.

    Elvis is still the king because when he was alive he was very popular and made hits in the songs can't help falling in love, Blue sowed shoes, And love me tender. I believe that this proves that Elvis is still the king of rock and roll and no one can replace him.

  • Elvis Presley is still the king of rock and roll

    People say he was he king of rock and roll but he will always be the king because you cant take the crown away from some one dead because if we was crowned king of rock you cant UN crown someone if he died on the throne its like the people loved one king and then he died some one can replace him but not the sprite of rock and roll and if someone said your the coolest you cant take that away from they will away be cool because he was crown it

  • Elvis will never be forget

    I'm a 16 year old teenager that is a huge fan of Elvis. Elvis made music, nowadays its difficult to hear music. So maybe he is dead, but his music will always be alive because we will teach to future generations to hear and appreciate that music. He is alive for all his fans. His music will last forever. And admit it, he was perfect! He was handsome, a very good person, a very good singer... Mention 10 famous singers of this generation that have all those characteristics, and if you can tell me 10 singers, it will be difficult to thing about them

  • Elvis Presley is the greatest singer ever

    Elvis Presley music is amazing due to this he is the king of Rock n roll plus he sang country,rock and many more I reckon they should put more of his stuff in shops for example pencils,pens,jumper,his suits,cups,calendar,chocolate and lots more because he's the most popular singer than any other artist.

  • Look at the numbers

    No one has even come close to selling the numbers andrreceiving gold records and platinum that he has, 600,000 people still go to his house a year, when you say elvis everybody knows who he is, there is no doubt! Yeah people are age last but a few years! Elvis was at the top for over 20 years when he was alive and still remains at the top today, nobody can compete. He had a billion people tune into watch him, no other artist on the planet has or ever will have that many watch them live. That's unheard of. Long Live the king, and I'm only 21, he is and will forever be my favorite artist

  • Elvis lives forever

    Whether we still relate, we will always remember the icons of an era, like Elvis Presley. HIs record for number one songs set the standard. Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and Babe Ruth were megastars during their time and its a legacy that will always last. No one will ever surplant the King!

  • Yes, Elvis has still sold more than 500 million more records than Jay-Z or Katy Perry ever will.

    Today's tabloid notoriety is no replacement for actual album sales. Elvis exists in more hearts and homes than today's most popular artists today could possibly fathom. One might even argue these figures are more magazine personalities than beloved musicians, seeking income through appearances and sponsorship rather than making a living from musical success.

  • Yes, Elvis Presley is still the King.

    On one hand, it would be easy to argue that Elvis Presley's reign is over. For example, try polling a random sample of today's young people to see if they can sing a few bars of an Elvis song, or even name one of his songs, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a single one. But on the other hand, Elvis remains one of the most highly recognizable icons in the history of American culture, and of pop culture generally.

  • The world has moved on from Elvis

    Elvis Presley do, without a doubt, occupy a great position in the history of music. His contribution to the development of rock n' roll has been enormous. But nonetheless, the world of music has been diversified to such an extent it is very difficult for Elvis to keep his throne. Maybe if we divide music into eras or genres; we might be able to retain the supreme position for Elvis. But from Bowie to MJ, from Freddie Mercury to Springsteen; there have been a lot of individuals who have challenged the position that Elvis once occupied.

  • Time for a new 'King'.

    The 'King' of our generation will be someone more current; that people TODAY can listen to. To be fair, and honest, Elvis is not very 'in' anymore. Now, I'm not saying the 'King' of today should be someone like Kanye West or even someone like Sam Smith. But Elvis' music has been surpassed by thousands of artists, his music was groundbreaking but we've moved on. He will always be known as the 'King', but his music was basic and it was big back then... Today there are many more artists to choose from.

    Posted by: Vz

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