• Yes "Elysium" is politically biased.

    The movie basically tries to portray its own political views in a hidden message kind of way with this movie, trying to trick the viewers into seeing the world the way they do. Although a lot of movies do this, Elysium was very good at being politically biased, but not making it very easy to catch on to that fact.

  • It weighs in on the socio-economic and immigration debates

    Even though it's set in the future this movie really mirrors what's going on in the world today, the haves and the have nots, people looking for a better future. The inhabitants of the world were living in poverty in an over populated, polluted environment while the small population of Elysium lived a privileged existence, made longer through advanced medical treatment. SPOILER ALERT: So what do you think is likely to happen after the ending once all the inhabitants of the earth become citizens of Elysium? The movie doesn't go that far, but I think deep down, everyone knows that ultimately it wouldn't be such a fairly tale ending!

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