• HELL To the no

    You are killing a baby that yes may save a life, but you will kill it's life. Yeah. So don't kill babies because it's wrong and stupid. You can use other things like stem cells to save people like you! Hey you guys stop being so stupid! Love ya! Xo

  • Fertility clinics discard more embryos than stem cell therapy

    93% of embryos are discarded in in vitro fertilization. Those discarded embryos are used for stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy does not create embryos to use for stem cell therapy. The embryos that are used would have been discarded if they weren't used for stem cell therapy. Also, the embryos that are used for stem cell therapy are only 3-5 days old; much too young to even be implanted in a mother's womb.

  • You know what I say?

    Fuck the embryos, it's not exactly sad when something that is barely even developed dies. Besides, it's to help medical science, you could find a cure for cancer, or extend the human lifespan by 100 or possibly even more, maybe even making people biologically immortal. So I say that it's fine to sacrifice something that wasn't even in the womb.

  • Who fucking cares if babies die?

    Babies should be killed anyways why not use their disgusting waste of embryos to better our health. Nice. Nice. The best home abortion is taking your baby out with a close hanger and wrapping it in tin foil and microwaving it like a potato because there is no difference between the two

  • One potential life to help millions and more.

    Although yes, it could end a potential life, it will help the lives of everybody else. The only argument against is people who say it is harming or killing an innocent child. The "child" is not sentient. The arguments are pointless. If you had to choose between the lives of a single child, or a million adults, what would you choose?

  • Science is needed

    Stem cell research is 100% beneficial to science as it advances our understanding of the human body and provides a treatment to many diseases that otherwise do not have a cure, case in point AIDS. Stem cell research is also completely vital to the replacement of animals in animal experimentation.

    The only people against stem cell research are dumbass conservatives who think "It's harming GAWD'S children.". First off, it's not a child if it isn't sentient. Secondly, IT'S NOT HARMING THEM. Taking 1 stem cell doesn't do anything as that cell is replaced via mitosis. So sick to see that it takes a double standard, cognitive dissonance situation to turn a conservatard around (case in point- Ron Reagan, just cause daddy had Alzheimers). Disgusting.

  • The benefits are enormous

    The millions it helps far outweigh any ethical arguments against it. Stem cells will benefit countless people and will be able to differentiate into any kind of cell scientist would need. We need to take advantage of our progress in science to benefit society. That is the point of science anyways.

  • Why not make something out of abortions?

    Pro-lifers are always talking about how abortion is wrong. I disagree with the notion that it is wrong. But if aborted fetuses are used to help save lives, doesn't it make abortion less wrong? Stem cell research is not going to increase abortions by far. Few people are going to think, "I should get an abortion just to help research." They'll probably get an abortion, anyway, because it benefits themselves, too.

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