• Yes he is!

    He's been rapping for a long time and he's fast. He's makes great songs but he's not as good as he was when he first started. Eminem is a great rapper, he sounds good and he writes great lyrics. He has some comedy in his music, and I like stuff that can make me laugh.

  • Eminem is the best

    Point 1: Eminem is the best modern rap artist because of his outstanding record sales (80 million), the most by a rapper in history. His second album the Marshall Mathers LP still holds the record for most albums sold in one week (1.76 million).
    Point 2: He's the only rapper that no successful artist wants to beef with. You can say the ones who did aren't mentionable, but then I said successful. He even dissed Jay-Z before anybody knew he chewed rappers up in the song Stir Crazy ("With this razor I'm crazy / With this crazor I'm razy / I'm razor crazy, I'm CRAZY / Somebody go get Jay-Z / Tell him I'mma ghost write for him on Dre's beat").
    The Game even said in an interview that if Eminem initiated a beef that he would run, then in another episode they asked The Game who's better, Jay-Z or Eminem. The Game replied at first saying neither, but the interviewer said what about Jay-Z for consistency and The Game said: "Why would you want me to say that, Em's probably in Detroit somewhere chilling, minding his business, not bothering me and you want me to piss him off so he can come kill me."
    The interviewer said "but you came at Jay-Z" and The Game simply replied: "Eminem is just Eminem."

  • Yes. Is tough to argumente but yes

    This is why I think he's the GOAT of rap
    1- His lyrics are often much more than they apear: while it may look like he's joking around, In fact he talks about deeper sociological issues.
    2- Rapping style: He intencionally raps in a manner that can please a large range of people.

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  • He is by far the best

    Eminem is an utter genius. Firstly his flow is far better than pretty much any rapper I've heard. Too many rappers these days don't connect lyrics like Eminem does and they simply find things that rhyme which makes their lyrics unconnected. This makes listening to him compared to other rappers jaw dropping. Also, he talks about powerful topics which move the listener and are miles more interesting than the classic 'gangster' style. His style gives him a wider audience which changed rap. Finally, he doesn't simply try and rap fast (with the exception of rap god) which is good because rap is about the words and how they are said, not how fast you are saying them.

  • The Best RApper

    Eminem's raps have a sense of reality while other rappers just talk about money, girls, drugs etc. Eminem's raps are motivational and make you want to really be yourself! Eminem's multi-syllable rhyming ability is just amazing. The way he bends words to fit his rhymes without really changing the meaning is something most rappers aren't able to do.

  • Eminem is an awesome rapper.

    His flow was outstanding and very complex. He can easily be the greatest rapper ever because he has sold the most records and contributed so much to rap. A lot night say he just bags on his mom or raps about rape and gays but they haven't listened to the Eminem Show. Here he toned down his lyrics and was one of his best abulms. Then any rapper asked if they would beef with Emienm said no because he tears MCs up.

  • Yes he is still one of the best.

    He may not be what he was before but if you talking modern day era he is one of the greatest he may not be better that pac but he is better than some of these new rappers but they just starting out. So yes he is still one of the greatest.

  • Eminem is legend

    I grew up listening to slim shady as a young girl. And I truly admire this man, he is a lyrical genius. I have newspaper/magazine clippings of him that I have collected since I was on primary school. He has thought me so much and more importantly to dream big. He is clever the way he puts together his rhymes, he's witty and not afraid to speak his mind. He is the most infuencial rapper alive. I read an artical a few years ago and the heading read " when eminem sneezes the whole world catches a cold" and its true. As he said "everything I do it gets news". He is the best, he's good at what he does, whether its rapping, writing or producing. Please stop this debate now, Eminem will live on for generation to generation. Anyone who thinks otherwise well, we all entitled to our own opinion just don't give it where its not wanted or needed. Leave Em alone he makes magic and you know you know it.

  • People Hate Too Much

    Eminem is my favorite rap artist, but I will not speech for him. I am level headed in saying what I am about to say. The color of his skin does not matter. There are great artists from every race (2Pac, Dre, Snoop, Nas, etc.) His storytelling skills are great. He can tell a story with good flow and not reuse the same word 100 times to get a point across. His rhymes are so witty, it's quite impressive sometimes. I disagree with the hate on him a lot more recently, because he is not the old him. Every single rapper that has been in the game as long as Em, have changed. What makes him so different? I personally do enjoy his new music as well as the older stuff, and I don't understand why it's bad. People don't give a good reason, just "His new stuff sucks." People also have this thing where they don't like mainstream things, almost like a hipster, but not quite. They think that the best rapper is someone no one has heard of. Sure, that may be true, but there is a reason Eminem is where he is.

  • No- Tupac was.

    Tupac's lyrics and ideas reached a larger audience with a bigger impact than Eminem has with his work. Eminem's work is of quality at times but too often is plagued and known for its issues with his child's mother and personal issues. Tupac spoke out about truth within a part of society too long ignored.

  • No Eminem is not the greatest modern day rap artist.

    I do not think Eminem is the greatest rap artist right now, mainly because he does not put out enough music anymore. I do believe he is in the top five of greatest rappers, but I think now the younger guys are getting more attention.If Eminem stayed more consistent he could of had that title as the greatest modern rap artist.

  • There is no such thing as the greatest

    Eminem is a amazing rapper no doubt, but you cant point to one rapper and say he is the greatest. Every one has their personal preference and the great rappers have their own qualities about them. How ever he is still a legend and has grown as a artist i the rap industry

  • Who is?

    Eminem is one of the best there's ever been, but all you need to refer to is how often rappers feature one another in their tracks. There isn't one that is simply put "the best", the top ones do what they do well but there are differences in their styles that ultimately make them not comparable to one another.

  • Eminem Is Not The Greatest

    Eminem is a great rap artists but he is not the greatest. He has quite a few average or weak albums in his catalog. He has sold the most records but many will tell you that he is not the best. His work is not better than that of Jay-Z or Nas.

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