• I think She Is An Inspiration!

    Emma Watson is an amazing woman who deserves to be recognized for all the hard work she has done for women's rights. Her organization, HeforShe, is an organization that has truly changed the world. Her friends, family, and fans, should be extremely proud, knowing that Ms. Watson has helped make numerous women's lives better. Good job, Emma!

  • Yes, she is beautiful.

    Yes, Emma Watson is amazing, because she's absolutely beautiful. Emma Watson is beautiful in a way that few other women are. She has beautiful eyes and a beautiful face. She is a talented actress and should be a movie star. She is wonderful and a privilege to watch on the movie screen.

  • Yes, Emma Watson is amazing.

    Emma Watson is an amazing actress who brings life to every character that she plays. She is a woman of many talents and an even head, and is also highly intelligent in real life. She is beautiful, talented, funny, and a wonderful role model for other young women to follow.

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