• Remorse is weakness

    Remorse makes you feel guilty for what you've done or makes you regret doing it. If your actions are driven by logic, Don't let that fear of or feeling of remorse hold you back. Guilt or remorse is empty and blind. Build your own morals from your own experiences, Not from what society tells you. You need your own morals from your own experiences suited to your own life.

  • Indeed they are.

    In a moment of anger, of pure rage, your judgement is clouded and your actions are not your own. This doesnt only happen with anger though, love can have a even greater effect on you. These emotions are here as a leftover from a far primitive past where they could be useful. Love could help build more stable communities and hate was a great defense and a good deterrant, but not any more. Now emotions like hate will only hinder your standing in society and its uswfulness has been exausted. Emotions also act as a auto drug and hinder the ability to reason. Conclusion bad

  • Emotional thinking is a weakness

    Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to decide whether to make the logical decision or the one that rings true to your heart? How did you decide? Did you think about what will benefit you in the long term or what you feel is right in that exact moment in time? Just think about it, emotions and feelings change, logic does not. So let’s say that you chose the logical option, you are more likely to be happier in the future than you are if you chose the emotional option because if your emotions change a day later then you will most likely regret your decision. Thinking logically is more beneficial than thinking emotionally because the benefits of thinking logically outweigh those of thinking emotionally, the cons of thinking emotionally are much worse than the one con of thinking logically, and the drastic comparison between the two show exactly why you should choose logically.

  • Showing emotion in a dysfunctional, antagonistic society is a mistake.

    At least for Americans, we live in a society that literally worships psychopaths and idealizes narcissists. We find schadenfreude acceptable (completely opposed to views towards excess fear or surprise) - it's almost like the more twisted and disgusting you are the more respected you are. These people thrive on the pain they cause, but not so much on the concept of it - they need to see reactions to get their fill. I know this both through the stories I've heard and read and because my mother is an undiagnosed psychopath.

    It is only a weakness to show emotion in a hell like the one we live in.

  • You want to know the truth?

    It's what makes us humans. You think emotions are exclusive to just humans? Dogs have emotions, sheep and cattle have emotions, look where they are. We as a species are only better because of our intellectual superiority. Without it we are no better than the animals we slaughter for food. Emotions start wars, emotions cause greed, or emotions cause greed, then greed causes wars. Emotions cause us to look at someone who is different than us and hate them. Emotions hinder people from seeking the truth because the truth will make them uncomfortable. Emotions cause people to believe in a book that was written 2,000 years ago. Read the old testament people and tell me if that's what you believe in because it's what you follow, like sheep, because it makes you comfortable about death. Emotions make us unique, I'll call bull on that, we are all the same because of emotions. Sure love is an awesome emotion, but are you really fooling yourself when you say it lasts forever? Sure there may be exceptions but honestly. Lastly logical thinking ceases when emotions come into play, emotions don't cause us to think logically.

  • Emotions are a weakness

    People often use our emotions as a weapon against us, can be easily manipulated & cloud our better judgment but then often we will do the same unto others. Some of humankinds worst actions have arised from of our poorly managed & misunderstood feelings. Often our emotions will control us & not the other way round.

  • Yeah emotions suck

    Yeah emotions suck but think about it when you're happy you Excel and conquer all of mankind's problems cause emotion may make us weak but they also make us stronger than the other lifeforms animals have no morals we have mercy and humans are stronger that way making Ally's instead of constant genocide

  • Yes it is

    Emotion are a weakness because of the type of things you been through make you feel bad especially if your mom past you would want to kill your self to . Like were would people be with out emotion.They probably be a world with there head down not caring what hits them or not.

  • It is weakness

    Making irrational decisions regarding "how you feel" is the reason for high divorce rate, unneccesary shootings( I support gun rights), "world domination", political correctness, etc. it may make me a narcissist but I'm against emotion. Like was said in previous responses also the cause of ruthless acts of violence. Also we would be more effective without them. Moral should not be a problem at work and if your wrong then someone should be able to say something without being "afraid" of hurting someone's feelings...

  • Yes it is

    Quite obviously it is a weakness for it is directly opposed to reason wich is the greatest power known to man ,just think of how many people engage in erratic , foolish and inconvenient behaviour . In study of History you will find out that many great men fell because of taking emotional desicions instead of a rational one

  • It is both a strength and a weakness.

    Emotions can lie to you. However emotions also make us who we are. With out emotion we are robots. With out feelings we are hollow. Lifeless. We wouldn't have personalities. We would all be the same. Nothing special. Your right. It IS a weakness. But it is price worth paying. You don't live without love. Without happiness. Without fear. Or anger. Or sadness...It's vital....Emotion is what makes us human.....

  • Emotions are not a weakness.

    Emotions are what make us alive, and human. They could be exploited, but so can any other quality of a person. Emotions can motivate people, and make them do what an emotionless being wouldn't do. It is true that emotion can cloud logical judgement, but in the end, emotion can't be weakness since humans need it.

  • No. Who said that?!

    Emotions make us who we are. Even emotions can sometimes control you like a puppet, completely blinding you from smart and logical thinking such as anger, emotions are the reason you enjoy life! Emotions can turn your into heroes as well as they can you into monsters. Why do you think music exists? Emotions of course! Why do you think you enjoy songs and develop hobbies? Emotions do all that. As well as they can weaken you, they build up who you are. That is what makes us human.

  • No they are not

    No emotion are not a weakness because if you don't have emotions you are robot. If there was no emotions in the world we all would be they same. So people how say yes they want to be robots and have everyone the same and why would everyone want to be the same. Yes sometimes you are sad but do you like to be happy or not if you say they are you never want to be happy again. Did you ever think of it that way before.

  • It is not.

    Look, nervousness might be a weakness, but look, if a thief becomes nervous he won't steal, or he will do it badly and he will be caught. Sure In some cases it might be a weakness, but there are more cases that it is good. That is what I think, you might have another opinion, but this is my side, hope you have a nice day, bye.

  • No it is not a weakness it is what drives us.

    This is really really sad, seriously, Emotions are what helps us to think logically, most of the time, yes there are times when emotions cloud our judgement, but that is when we allow our emotions to control us. Emotions are what drives us to protect our loved ones. Its what keeps us safe. It helps us to actually enjoy the life we are living, instead of just passing by like drones. Infact when you just bottle your emotions up and hide them, you are actually doing more harm to yourself than good. Just saying.

  • Emotions is what makes us 'Human!'

    It saddens me how many people here think emotions or showing emotions is a weakness although it sure explains a lot about our society today! There is no value to life. Emotions give life to your lives!! People unwilling to face their own emotions are the weak ones! Without emotions songs and the other arts would be not exist and even if it did it wouldn't touch any if us the ways is does or has it the past.

  • Don't be daft

    60% of you say that it is a weakness! I do hope that figure is not a sad indictment of society. Without emotions we would not be human! Think of all those wonderful things that come from emotion. Music, art, poetry etc We would be a sad species without it.

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