Is employment more important than our environmental health?

  • Yes, you have to work to eat.

    Yes, employment is more important than environmental health, because a person has to work in order to afford necessities. There is never a job that will be perfect. In any job, sometimes you will be sleep-deprived, sometimes you will be inside or outside for too long, and something will be stressful. That is the nature of work. If each person waited for the perfect job, not much work would get done.

  • Yes and no.

    Right now getting people employed should be our first mission because it will make a big difference in all other aspects of life. It will create jobs that people can use, and it will help get more doctors and nurses which means we can start working towards health and the environment around us.

  • It is not.

    Employment is not more important than our environmental health. Our environmental health is the most important thing that we need to focus on, because it can end up killing us in the future. Focusing on it will also help bring more jobs to people as there will be new jobs to do.

  • No as even the worst offenders on earth are trying to clean up their pollution.

    While employment is important, so is environmental health. For Example ,China has so many educated/brilliant people go to the USA and for only one reason: Health problems. Shanghai may be one of the smartest cities the world but it's covered heavily by pollution. Even through we hear governmental paper try to make excuse for the pollution the practical side is the Chinese government is doing what they can in terms of long term reduction of pollution. Such as solar, hydro, and other methods of reduction of pollution or usage alternative energy.

  • Employment and environmental health are equally important.

    Employment is important. We must work in order to live and in order to work, jobs must be created. Unfortunately, this involves developing land and building structures that are not great for the environment. At the same time, if we completely ruin the environment, then we will cease to exist and there will be no need for employment because there will be no people.

  • Taking Care Of Our Planet Is Important

    I believe it is more important to worry about our environmental healthy over our employment rates. Regardless of whether we work or not, or if we are successful or not, we still must live on this planet. In addition to this, our future generations will more than likely have no other viable option. So, I believe it is important to preserve the Earth so future generations cans enjoy clean air.

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