• Yes It Is

    I believe energy dependence is an issue of national security. I think when you consider the efforts of those in the oil business, they would just as well tear the planet apart just to make a little more money. To me, that is a national security issue. I think you can also run into problems when few people are in control of a lot of people's electricity. That would equate to a lot of power.

  • It makes us weak.

    Energy dependency is an issue of national security, because it makes us weak to be dependent on our enemies. OPAC can get together and hurt our economy any time they want to, by colluding to raise oil prices. If they want to attack us, all they need to do is cut off our oil, and we would be hurting.

  • Yes, energy dependency is a national issue of security.

    I definitely think that energy dependency can be an issue of national security. If the country as whole cannot learn how to conserve and use energy resources in a responsible way, it can put our safety in danger especially if our energy sources are needed to power some of our defense strategies.

  • Energy dependency is an issue of national security.

    Energy dependency is an issue of national security. Since America is mainly dependent on oil which comes from the Mid-East, the money that is spent on oil contributes to anti-American governments, and provides funding for terrorist organizations as well as funding for nuclear proliferation in political opponents of American government.

  • not at all

    no, the need to be dependent when it comes to the nations energy is not going to ever make our national security weak. I think that it is a thing that we do need to address, but that it is not going to hurt us at all as a nation.

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