• Yes, it is.

    Wherever so much wealth is held by such a small percentage, in England's case, the royal family, there exists a nation of greed. I would argue the same for Italy, in the sense of Rome (the Vatican). It is not right for a handful to hold so much wealth when there are starving, homeless and those in need existing right outside their windows.

  • Is the human race a nation of greed?

    Compared to the world England is not a nation of greed at all. Some companys are greedy but if you meet the people who work 9 to 5 in the hospitals and in shops then no not at all. I personally think USA is a nation of greed, they are constanly avoiding tax charges when selling products over seas. England only has one greed and that is for knowledge, we are already tackling obeasity, drugs, not so alchol lol! But were okey :)

  • An unfair question.

    To ask if an entire nation is greedy is like trying to compare apples to oranges. There are greedy people in every country, but the actions of a few cannot reflect on those of an entire nation. The young Princes are a great example for England. Prince William and his wife are very sympathetic toward those in need, much like his mother, Princess Diana, was. Prince Harry was willing to serve in Iraq and eventually did serve his country in Afghanistan. Their actions help speak volumes for how the English carry themselves.

  • No, England is not a nation of greed.

    It isn't fair to attribute such a negative characteristic to over 50 million individuals. A nation is defined by its people and it seems unrealistic that greed (or any one quality) has taken over so many simply because they share location. Many people all over the world believe the same about the United States, and where there are many greedy people here, it seems that the generous still outnumber them.

  • England is not a nation of greed.

    People assume England is greedy because of their "snobby" attitude, but they are very giving. When Princess Diana was alive, she would go to poverty stricken countries and lend a helping hand. She worked well with AIDS patients, and gave freely of herself and her money. Her son and his wife have followed in her footsteps. England is a beautiful country and not at all greedy.

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