Is England treated as a Scandinavian country in "Braveheart"?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Calling Longshanks a pagan is the main thing that gives it out

    Or is it just a coincidence that they call him a pagan? Reason I ask is because in the field of antrhopology it's pretty much accepted that the English are pretty much mutts. However, certain scenes seem to make it seem that England is indeed portrayed as the Vikings so to speak. First of all Robert the Bruce smears Longshanks and calls him a cruel pagan. Only one region in the world is known for devout paganism: Scandinavia. Add to the fact that you barely find anything Christian about the Anglo-Saxon side. There are other examples, but these are two good examples.

  • Vikings invaded England at times, but few settled; Germanic people (Saxons) also conquered, and also settled, perhaps this is what you're getting at?

    Mainly I think that "Pagan" was utilized as an insult because of the weight it carried. Both the English and the Scots were devoutly religious, in their respective fashions, and to be branded a Pagan was serious business, essentially ostracizing the person, or, in the case of a noble, a severe questioning of his ties to the church, state, and his birthright if he indeed had given up his piety.

  • No, England is more sophisticated.

    No, England is not treated as a Scandinavian country is Braveheart, because Braveheart is in not accurate in many ways, and there are not many parallels that can be drawn into real life because of the movie. Scandinavia has a different culture than England does, and England is not often treated the same, let alone as it was in Braveheart.

  • England is not treated as a Scandinavian country in Braveheart

    England is not treated as a Scandinavian country in Braveheart the movie. It is treated as a neighbor country that is invading other countries and not minding its own business. With respect to the other Scandinavian countries, such as Norway, Finland and Sweden, England pretty much stands on its own in Braveheart.

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