• More Than Likely

    Ebola virus outbreaks are generally small and contained. Research has been prominent on this disease due to the fact that it carries a high death rate. I feel as though the research on this virus have been sufficient thus far, given its prominence in the world. I don't see any reason to throw more money and time at it than has already been done.

  • Yes there is.

    I feel like the Ebola virus has enough research being done about it right now. There is so many things that we have to work on and that there are so many things that we need to look into that it will be difficult to focus all our efforts onto one thing.

  • Lots of research is being done

    But if we want to definitely stop Ebola, we need more research! However, be fair to the scientists, Ebola is a really hard disease to study without getting it yourself. So, really, I think that not enough research is done but they are developing a cure so we should acknowledge that happily.

  • Not enough profit for pharmaceutical companies to merit research and a cure. Why, because Africans are expendable aren't they?

    No-one apart from aid agencies and volunteers cared because it was not in their back yards. Well everyone cares now it's knocking on THEIR front doors, don't they. Does anyone recognise similarities with how AIDS research was initially dealt with? Companies should be compelled to forget profit and practise humanity.

  • Ebola is not being studied in developed countries

    No, I do not believe that the Ebola virus is not researched enough. I believe this is true because the Ebola virus is not a prominent threat in developed countries. If Ebola was a serious threat in more developed countries, such as the United States, there would be more attention paid to the virus.

  • Enough research has not been done on Ebola Virus .

    Among all the virus Ebola discovery is relatively younger and with its airborne potential to transmit , it become the most globally feared viruses .
    It has also been found that Ebola virus resurfaces in few years from time to time , even when it is thought that enough preventive and curative methods have been implemented .

    The symptoms generated on being infected increases its intensity and can be really fatal . There has not been a complete cure discovered for this virus as yet and hence more research needs to be done in this area .

  • Not enough research is being done on the Ebola virus.

    There is not enough research being done on the Ebola virus. As of December 6, 2011, a successful vaccine for the Ebola virus was developed for mice. There is currently no vaccine for Human beings. Once a outbreak of Ebola virus occurs, the only countermeasures that can be performed is proper hygiene and careful interaction between infected people and healthy people.

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