• Yes, new album.

    Yes. The work Enrique Iglesias has always been on the mind of people and they have always liked him. A few of his songs including HERO and TAKIN BACK MY LOVE ft.Ciara have been a hit. They always stay in the mind of people and they are like an acoustic memory.

  • Yes, Enrique Iglesias is still a relevant performer

    In my opinion Enrique Iglesias is pretty much relevant performer and he has big fan base who love to hear his old and his new songs. I think he was able to keep current and follow the trends with his music and he really is a good singer compared with some new stars.

  • Yes, he is still relevant

    Yes, Enrique Iglesias is still a relevant performer. He is, of course, iconic across multiple cultures. But in addition to that, talent does not simply stop being relevant. Merely because Enrique Iglesias has not been as frequently in the public eye of late does not mean he is now "irrelevant."

  • Relevant Performer Still??

    I do believe Enrique Iglesias is still relevant as a performer. He is currently on tour in Mexico so that has to count for something if people are buying concert tickets to see him. I'm not a fan of him personally but he did have some good songs in my opinion years ago.

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Forthelulz says2015-06-01T16:41:30.877
Who is he? I've never heard of him.